On 17th Dec, 2019, I complained against a gathering at an esteemed Institute of Technology in India. I also mentioned in my complaint how the following lines recited from a poem of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s favorite offended my religious sentiments – 

“Hum dekhenge..Jab arz e khuda ke kaabe se sab but uthvaaye jaayenge.. Bus naam rahega Allah ka..”  

It literally translates into following
“We will see..When from the house of Allah, all idols will be removed…Only Allah’s name will remain..”

I knew the poem. So I objected instantly. Few others joined me too. Based on our complaint, the institute set up an enquiry committee and requested all members of institute family to not post anything on this matter so that harmony is restored.

However, since then, many – from some kids at the institute to Irfan Habib to Barkha Dutt to Swara Bhaskar (had to google about last three – a failed historian, a failed journalist, and a failed actor) to liberals is teaching us the context of these revolutionary lines. Coincidentally, the set of all these Faiz lovers seems to contain exactly the same elements who were praising similar revolution in JNU few years ago when “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge” slogans were raised and were cracking “Gaumutra jokes” against ruling party before elections this year. (Even Pulwama attacker, Pulwama mastermind, Pakistan Government have shown exactly same literary preferences. Refer this article of details.)

Here I would share perspectives on Faiz and this poem that everyone – including those Indians who are heralding him as father of Indian poetry – seem to be conveniently unaware of.

Am presenting it in form of claims and truths about the lines, its author, its context and everything. Claim is from Faiz’s newborn Indian kids, Reality is mine.

Claim : Anybody who has attended any such gathering—where people challenge authorities—knows this is the norm. People shout slogans. They sing songs. They celebrate great poetry. 

Reality : If call for idols’ destruction is challenging authorities and norm of such gathering, this gathering must be a terrorist gathering. This is exactly what terrorist invaders like Qasim, Ghazni, Khiljis, Ghori, Timur, Babur, Janahngir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan, Nadir Shah, Abdali, Jinnah, Ajmal Qasab, and Aadil Dar did. There is history of 1000+ years’ attacks on temples, idols and idolaters in India. (read more by Dr B R Ambedkar on history of Islamic invasions in India and their connection with assault on idols here https://vashisharma.com/hindu-muslim-unity-myth-vs-reality-dr-b-r-ambedkar/).

Creation of Pakistan came with destruction of hundreds/thousands of temples/idols. Terrorist of Pulwama – Aadil Dar wanted to teach lesson to “idol-worshippers” and show “power of Allah” to the world. In this context of continued assault on idols, temples and idolatry in the name of Allah for 1000+ years in India, the Najms like – “when idols will be removed and only Allah’s name will remain” – are seeds of terror being sowed in innocent minds.  

Claim : This poem has been recited across multiple marches across multiple universities in India before. 

Reality : By this logic, a Chor (thief) having history of theft should not be caught/punished. A serial killer should not be caught. A serial rapist should not be punished. Coz he had done this with multiple people across cities in India before. 

There have been many terror attacks on our universities before with similar anti-idolatry pro-Allah slogans. Check the history and destruction of the ancient universities – Nalanda, Vikramasila,  Odantapuri, Somapura, Jagaddala, Vallabhi. All were burnt/destroyed during Islamic invasions. All had same story. You don’t have Allah’s name yet, you need to go. What should we do? Welcome next attack?

Claim : It is a popular poem written by Faiz against the authoritarian Pakistan Government

Reality : This statement has so many contradictions, errors, and irrelevancies. Start counting 

Popular poem : Popular is a subjective term. Popular among whom? Popular for good reason or bad? I asked my veteran uncle whether he knew this famous poem. I asked my cousin who has served in Rashtriya Rifles. I asked my grandfather who fought for India’s independence. I asked a farmer. None of them knew about this poem. I asked an Indian scientist in UK, do you know this poem? He replied – “Yes. Poem that calls for Islamic State!”

On the other hand, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid, Imran Khan, and ISI are very well aware and fond of “Hum Dekhenge”. 
So what do I do if you sang a popular Pakistani poem asking for removal of idols? Isn’t that what Pakistan was created for? Why would I tolerate this Islamist supremacist call in India?

Written by Faiz : If someone is talking about killing me or destroying my faith or establishing faith of Allah when I do not believe in Allah, how does it matter whether the threat is coming from an angel or a fairy? A man Kamlesh Tiwari was beheaded at instigation by mobs across India coz he was accused of ‘calling Prophet of a Mazhab as gay’. Nobody cared about the context. None asked him for the context. None inquired who Kamlesh Tiwari was. There was no rally/protest by the liberal mobs despite LGBTQ rights being on their prime agenda. No liberal came forward to inform anti-Tiwari murderous mobs across country that being gay is not a shame/crime.

Faiz might be your Prophet, why should he be mine? His poem is full of rabid anti-idolatry words and historical references. Now you must interpret his poem in my context. I don’t have time to waste on Pakistani poetry when I have to deal with Pakistani terror. It’s not my/any Indian’s responsibility to know Faiz. It is your responsibility to not sing his poem that threatens me and my faith in literal sense.

Against the authoritarian Pakistan government : There is the redundancy error in this statement. Pakistan is authoritarian by its very existence. Pakistan came into being by declaring (Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s words)- “Hindus and Muslims are two different races. They worship cows. We eat cows. We can’t live together.” The term “Pakistan” itself meant that what was left in India after Pak was Naapaak (land of impure). Jinnah declared Direct Action Day. Slaughter, rape and abduction of millions of Hindu-Sikhs and kicking out of around a crore people was celebrated.

Pakistan’s constitution says – “No non-Muslim can become President/PM of Pakistan”. You can’t hold a Pakistani passport until you declare that Ahmadis (a Muslim sect) are Non-Muslims/Murtad. (Murtad is someone who has renounced Islam, death penalty for apostasy in Sharia law). Know why Pakistan is not just an authoritarian state but also an Islamic state meant to slaughter, rape, conversion and destruction of Non-Muslims. https://vashisharma.com/370-nazi-india-and-imran-khan-understanding-pakistan/

The revolutionary Faiz Sahib opted Islamist Pakistan of Jinnah over secular India. Pakistan that promised to degrade Hindu-Sikh-Non-Muslims to second class citizens. No, It was not fear of death in ‘Hindu India’ that made Faiz opt for Pakistan. Sahir Ludhianvi, Ghulam Sarwar, Taj Muhammad and many migrated from Pakistan to India during and after partition. Faiz didn’t. Faiz literally thought of creation of Pak as liberation of Muslims! Faiz wrote on Jinnah-

“…the man who has been responsible for the birth of a major State and the liberation of a major nation from economic and political bondage, the Quaid-i-Azam has already passed into history…. The future of Indian Muslims who have done as much and suffered far more for Pakistan than we the Muslims of Pakistan have, is still uncertain…” [Faiz’ editorial on 27.12.47, republished by Pak Tea House]

Faiz Sahib not only praises Jinnah for ‘liberating Muslim nation’ in 1947 but also thanks “Muslims of India who created Pakistan but didn’t move there”! (BTW, CAA protesters and fans of Faiz in India want all to believe that Indian Muslims rejected Pakistan in 1947. But Faiz claims that Indian Muslims had done as much for Pakistan’s creation as Muslims of Pakistan! Who is lying?)

Is this a coincidence that all protests against CAA-NRC (something done to partially heal wounds of persecuted Non-Muslims & idolater Hindus of the fanatic Islamic state(s) that I find extremely necessary) use a Pakistani’s poem with derogatory and violent references towards idolatry and a call for an exclusive Islamic/Allah’s state? All CAA-NRC protest mobs are rubbing salt to wounds of crores of idolater victims of partition and current Islamic states when their settlement in India is opposed using poems filled with the very attacks on idolatry written by a Pakistani who chose Islamist Pakistan over secular India. 

Q. But Faiz was a revolutionary. He always stood against Pakistan’s authoritarian regimes. 

A. Utter lies. First of all he should have opposed Pakistan – the original sin as explained above. To an idolater like me whose family was slaughtered in 1947 with same slogans against idolatry and for Allah’s rule, Pakistan remains an enemy in totality. An internal fight between an Islamic State’s civilians and military who both are united against my idolater faith and existence has no significance for me. Hence, even if Faiz challenged military of Pakistan (which is again a lie), he remains part of the problem. He chose Pakistan over India. That’s enough for me.

Faiz standing against authoritarian regimes is biggest lie anyway. He chose authoritarian state – Pakistan to live. He led Pakistan Times in 1947 itself. Immediately after 1971 genocide of 3 Million Bengalis by Pakistan (primarily a Hindu genocide), Faiz took oath as Cultural Advisor to Ministries of Culture and Education under same Bhutto, who after getting 30,00,000 Bengalis slaughtered and getting 4,00,000 women raped under his watch, said to Bengalis – “children of pigs, go to hell”. Faiz worked under same constitution that declared no Hindu/Non-Muslim can become President/PM. I am not aware of any effective movement started by revolutionary Faiz or popularised by his fans to oppose this constitutional genocide and persecution of Non-Muslims by Bhutto. I don’t know why some jokers in India lie so much. 

Claim : It is not a poem promoted by Islamists. 

Reality : Indeed it is. This poem was instrumental in kickstarting Imran Khan’s (whom opposition called Taliban Khan for his blatant justifications of suicide attacks by Taliban) real politics in 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5bjGJtqx20
This was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, grandson of an Islamist Fateh Ali Khan (who sang famous Jinnah’s Muslim League song – “Muslim hai to Muslim League me aa – If you are a Muslim, join Muslim league” when Muslim league of Jinnah was hiring Gundas to butcher idolaters and create Pakistan)

Imran Khan’s politics in general and this poem at Islamabad Jalsa of 2013 in particular were funded and supported by Pakistan’s authoritarian & Islamist ISI. Check Chaudhary Pervez Ilahi/prominent Pak analysts’ reports on how serving ISI chief – Gen Shuja Pasha funded Imran Khan’s PTI and arm-twisted political parties/leaders to surrender to Khan.

If recitation of this poem against Zia ul Haq by a lady in Sari was proof of its greatness, its recitation by an Islamist puppet of Zia ul Haq’s authoritarian Army – Imran Khan is proof of its Islamist context. Lady’s event had 50,000 people. Islamist Imran Khan’s rally had lakhs. Poem remains source of bigotry. 

And when lyrics clearly call for destruction of idols and establishing Allah’s name alone, finding revolution in it sitting in India is not just foolish but treacherous. 

Claim : It is a classic poem of dissent against authoritarian governments.

 Reality : 1. Faiz was a puppet of most authoritarian man in Pakistan ever – Zulfikar Ali Bhutto as shown above. 

2. In 1942, when India’s fight for freedom from British was at peak, Faiz joined British Army to weaken India! Revolution! Interestingly, those who mock Savarkar the most for compromising with British sing this traitor’s poetry thinking him as some revolutionary. A traitor to motherland is hero of traitors here! 

3. Faiz is being hailed as an anti-military establishment revolutionary. This is biggest lie. After getting defeated in Kashmir war of 1948, Pakistan Military hatched a plan to oust the then Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan. Revolutionary Faiz was part of the meeting held at Maj Gen Akbar Khan’s residence. This proposed coup was thwarted by Liaqat and revolutionary Faiz was sentenced for 4 years in imprisonment!

Anyone who says Faiz was against military dictatorship is a liar.

Claim : Faiz’ poem is used in a particular context and should be interpreted accordingly. 

Reality : 1. Exactly. Faiz’ poem is used by Islamists to establish that they are more Islamists than their adversaries in the market. Had he been an anti-Islamist revolutionary as falsely claimed, he must have attacked symbols of Islamism and glorified idolatry (considered to be worst sin as per Islamists and Zia Ul Haq). But he abused idols as falsehood. He glorified Islamic God as exclusive truth. It is like going to Iraq, abusing Yezidis with words – “Hey, when your women will be raped, only Islamic State will rule here” and then claiming that I stood against ISIS! Only a fool can do that.   

2. Is it first law of Thermodynamics that only Faiz’ words will have context and others won’t? Our thrashing of Faiz must also be seen in the context of our fear of persecution being an idolater.

3. Context is an interesting thing! Everyone is talking about where it is being used. I replied earlier – this was used by Islamist Imran Khan to cement his politics with help of ISI-Army establishment. These days, this poem is being used to incite violence against police and state in India. If greatness of poem lies in the fact that it was once used against a military dictator in Pak, I have proved it worst just now. Any drunkard can sing it in a party. It’s not Faiz’ credit/discredit. 

Leave this bogus argument aside. Let’s now see what the context of the actual lines Faiz wrote in the poem was. I could have given context myself as I am versed with Islamic history and scriptures. But sharing here Sharjeel Imam’s words. He writes in twocircles- 

“In this.. Faiz uses the image of a victorious Prophet Mohammad emptying Kaaba of hundreds of idols after the conquest of Makkah.. The term mardood e haram, i.e. barred out of sacred places, refers to Mohammad and his companion who were forced to leave Makkah 8 years earlier, because of the Islamic rejection of idolatry. The mardood e haram finally defeat the Meccan idolators, come back to the Haram [kaaba], and purify it from idols.”

Context is clear. It’s all about hate for idolatry. So much hate that all falsehood and negativities were being termed as “Boot/idol” by Islamic scholars. It is like someone hating Allah/Rasul so much that whenever he sees a liar somewhere, he says – “You are Allah”. This is ingrained hate for idolaters that liberals/leftists import from Urdu poetry without applying brains. This hate can’t be seen as hate until it is reversed in the direction (check the litmus test at the end). Not anymore. Enough is enough.  

Claim : Faiz was a proclaimed atheist.

Reality : How does it matter whether the dagger slitting my throat was made in India or China? Moreover, if an atheist wants all idols removed and Allah’s name alone, who needs Islamists?

Do some homework. Faiz was not an atheist. 

He married a British lady – Alys. The ‘atheist’ Faiz made Alys convert to Islam. She became Kulsoom. They had a ‘Nikah’ – an Islamic marriage in which BOTH bride and groom MUST BE MUSLIMS. Her elder sister was also trapped by an Islamist M D Taseer who converted Christobel to Bilqees and did Nikah. [Source : Dawn]

This is the special legacy of Pakistan. Doesn’t matter if they are liberals or extremists. They always eye at women of other faiths. Their conversion and Nikah is common. Every year, thousands of Hindu-Sikh girls are converted to Islam and married off to Muslim men. However, NOT A SINGLE CASE of a Muslim woman marrying a Hindu-Sikh man has occurred in Pakistan TILL DATE. 

“In Rudaad e Qafas, Major Ishaq, who was a companion of Faiz, mentions that when they were jailed together, Faiz famously taught Quran and Hadees to the prisoners in the Hyderabad jail. Faiz himself mentions that a colonel explicitly asked him, why he was teaching Quran when he was an atheist. When Faiz clarifies that he is a Muslim, the colonel starts appreciating his Quranic lessons.” [Source : Sharjeel Imam, twocircles]

The ‘atheist’ Faiz had 2 Muslim children. His children had Muslim children. I don’t know why an ‘atheist’ would convert his wife to Islam, give his kids Muslim names and faith! This is how students in India are being fooled in name of Faiz. A small fraction of students in India is the latest victim of propaganda of fake revolution.

Claim : The poem talks about shattering all religious symbols like idols and rituals, and “to believe in only truth, which is a god. Here Allah means only god. Not a muslim god, but accidentally god of a muslim poet.”

Reality : Interesting! Few points

1. When the oppression Faiz was witnessing was from Islamists, how wise was it to shatter “all religious symbols”? Why not restrict to Islamic symbols only?

2. But, wait! “All religious symbols”? Faiz said – “when idols will be removed from the house of Allah – Kaba”. He made a distinction. He wanted idols (like pre-Islamic idolaters – Pagans of Mecca whose 360 idols were destroyed by Prophet, who were killed/converted to Islam in conquest of Mecca, but Kaba was not destroyed) to be removed but not the Islamic stone of Kaba. Why? Was Kaba not a religious symbol? Or was Kaba too dangerous to handle? If everything apart from Allah (the ultimate truth) is falsehood/symbols, what are Prophets/holy books/Kaba? Why were not they destroyed in Faiz’ poetry? 

Hypocrite Pakistani Islamist and his fool Indian fans!

3. If oppression was Islamic, Islamic symbols like Kaba/Allah/Rasul must have been questioned in poem not idols. This is called revolution. But the hypocrite religious bigot kept shattering the already shattered idols of poor idolaters who were reduced from 22% to 5% from 1947 to his times. Truth is – his fight with Islamist Zia was only to establish himself as bigger shatterer of idols. Students of Kanpur on 17th Dec became victims of this fight of two Islamists.

4. Which dictionary does in the world translate Allah as truth and idols as falsehood?  

For you, idols are falsehood. For me and billions, idols can be God. For billions, Allah does not exist. For me, Ram is supreme. Can you call symbols of Islam – Allah, Prophet, Kaba, Quran etc as symbols of falsehood and Ram as the only truth?

5. “God of a Muslim poet”? But 2 minutes ago, you claimed that Faiz was an atheist poet? Is Muslim = Atheist?

Message to innocent students who are being fooled/forced to attend anti-idolatry events across India in name of dissent/free-speech/anti-CAA protests

You don’t know Faiz, his Islamist Pakistani root and rabid anti-idolatry pro-Islamist poetry. I understand. Most of you learn Science/literature/other languages not Urdu/Arabic at most universities. Dear innocent students, dissociate yourselves from such communal gatherings that toe Pakistan’s Islamist agenda.

Know that when you oppose CAA, you oppose relief to those persecuted Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists of Pakistan whose daughters (in thousands) are kidnapped, raped, converted to Islam forcibly and married off to men double their age every year. And when you sing Pakistani poetry of destruction of idols to oppose their settlement in India, you indeed cross all limits of insensitivity.

Finally, a litmus test for EVERY PARTICIPANT of anti-CAA marches and fans of Faiz’ Hum Dekhenge.

If you think you and your fellow participants have no religious/hate agenda when you recite/cheer for “when idols will be removed, only Allah’s name will remain”, then

in following lines:

“When all idols will be removed”

“Only Allah’s name will remain”

replace “idols” with “Kaba”/”Rasul” and “Allah” with “Ram” and sing it. Post your videos on social media and start singing the amended version in next anti-CAA protests.

Ask ALL of the participants to do the same. Test your honesty and those who you are defending as ‘peaceful students’. Count how many fans of anti-CAA protests/Hum Dekhenge are indeed secular and not religious fanatics. Your time starts now.

About Author – Dr Vashi Sharma, studied at IITB, taught at IITK, Energy Science, Defence, Religions, Pakistan.

Twitter – @VashiMant

FB – http://facebook.com/vashi.mant

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  1. Brilliant write up. Interesting to read that an atheist Leftist had his wife convert to Islam! Confirmed this from this article on Scroll ( https://scroll.in/article/835139/why-are-alyss-public-letters-to-her-husband-faiz-ahmed-faiz-consigned-to-elite-private-readings ) “A growing fondness and camaraderie developed among the two revolutionaries and soon Alys converted to Islam so as to marry Faiz in 1941, in the valley of Kashmir.”. He seems to be as atheist as Umar Khalid. Be prepared from verbal vitriolic from leftists liberal brigade than countering the facts presented in your article.

  2. No wonder you have no idea what art form is.. Technical analysis of selective lines mean that you do not qualify even as a technical person.. Pathetic.. If I was your language teacher, I would give you ZERO out of 100 and recommend you to read all chhaayawaad poems and write them in your notebook a 100 times before you can see your language teacher again..
    अनल-हक़, I am Truth, I am God!!

  3. Great reading !!
    We need more people like u who can call spade a spade.
    Just keep up the good work
    we are with u!!

  4. i cant believe that you have gotten your education from such a prestigious college and good lord, youre teaching in one too. i pity the people around you who have to understand your empty, narrow thoughts and live with such a bigot. A man using his right to speech and express in such a way is horrendous. i wonder why your books arent that famous, haha.
    i am trying to write some real shitty stuff so that you get some understanding about your thoughts but i know it will all go in vain. i hope and pray you start getting some senses in you. God really bless you!

  5. Brilliant! You have exposed the hateful, hollow, and hegemonistic ideology of Islamism, which has zero tolerance for alternative world views

  6. Madam Sharma I fully support your views. A pakistani and his thoughts can never sync with Indian ethos. Faiz is irrelevant in India in all contexts..He fails in the litmus test of supporting the Hindu viewpoint in Indian context. Other than every thing has no relevance in India. We do not ever support our idols to be uprooted which he did in whatever context that does not matter

  7. The moment you call Tipu Sultan as a terrorist in your opening paragraph, I understood you are a Bigot and an educated illiterate. Tipu Sultan died fighting British, while the founder of your ideology wrote 11 mercy petitions to British and came out of prison on guarantee that he’ll be a supporter of British.

    Tipu Sultan was one of the most secular kings of India, whose right hand was a brahman named Krishnaiyya. Since I’m a coin collector, I’ve in my possession a gold coin ‘Shiva-Parvati’ minted by Tipu Sultan’s father Haider Ali which was continued by Tipu himself (https://www.vcoins.com/en/stores/ganga_numismatics/216/product/india_mysore_haidar_ali_gold_pagoda_scarce_and_superb/822220/Default.aspx)

    As for your comments on poetry, it confirms my belief you are really illiterate. This poetry was written by Faiz against oppressive rule of Zia-Ul-Haq in Pakistan in 1979. As for the exact lines you are contesting against, ““Hum dekhenge..Jab arz e khuda ke kaabe se sab but uthvaaye jaayenge.. Bus naam rahega Allah ka..” “. (“We will see..When from the house of Allah, all idols will be removed…Only Allah’s name will remain..”)

    Let me ask you this – Was there any idols in Kaaba in 1979 against which Faiz wrote these lines? Was Faiz protesting against idols in Kaaba when he wrote these lines? Of course NOT. If that was NOT the case, then why he wrote these lines? The simple context is “when oppressors will be thrown out and peaceful rule of God will be established”.

    As for the word Allah, let me tell you, In Urdu, the word for God is ‘Allah’. Jews call their God ‘Eloah’, which is similar to Allah, does that means Jews these days started worshiping Allah??? But closed mind do not have tendency to interpret facts and context but simple go to catch words to create disturbance.

  8. Dear Sharmaji,
    IITK is a great institute of eminence and I pity on the future of institute which has appointed a narrow minded bigot as a professor. The job of the teacher is to inculcate the free thinking in young minds and not to brainwash them to suit a political ideology. The day teachers start doing this the country is finished and very soon we will be at par with N Korea. It will help you to know that said poem was written in Urdu language and in Urdu the word for God is Allah. I doubt that this can penetrate in your closed mind.

    PS: normally i don’t write any comment in any online forum but since this came from a teacher in one of the most reputated institute in India, i couldn’t stop myself

    1. Facts and truth are bigotry, yes. You aren’t worried about the ideologies running rampant in the country for centuries, but the moment a Hindu speaks up, everything is in danger. You so-stupid-you’re-almost-evil cretin, freethinking once meant not being shackled by dogma. Today, to you and similar people, it apparently means spewing verbal garbage while being unconstrained by understanding and knowledge of context, history, etc. Whatever Allah might or might not mean in Urdu, if you cannot ascertain the intent in the poem, you clearly have no knowledge of islamic or Indian history of the last 1300 years.

      1. read ancient Hindu texts and also read the Gita, Idol worship is not promoted in any of these books. If you had read Gita then you would have known that Lord Krishan says there are many paths to reach me and dhyan (meditation) is the best path to reach me. It is very fashionable to make big temples of Krishna and play something on loudspeakers without understanding even a phrase.
        BTW what subject dear Sharmji is teaching at IIT…pushpak viman engineering??
        Hindu was never in danger even when major part of Indian sub-continent was under muslim rule and today suddenly under BJP rule so called Hindu protectors Hindu religion is in danger….logic can be understood by brainwashed N Koreans..

        1. “God-full” idol (aka Deity) worship is promoted by Krishna in Gita verse 4.11 as well as in other scripture like the Pancharatra Agama.

          Regarding Hinduism surviving onslaughts over several centuries, it was because the culture was protected and passed down in spite of the onslaughts. What Vashi ji is doing needs to be most appreciated, because these days the Hindu culture is being replaced with materialism and self-hatred (i.e., hatred for the native culture).

    2. Dear Amit

      Vashi ji in this article has come up with brilliant logical analysis backed up with facts..On the other hand you seem to straight away rubbish this article with your emotional stupidity and no facts
      How can a self proclaimed atheist come out with a verse saying that all idols be destroyed then allah( or God as per your understanding) name will remian. Instead of allah he could have said khuda which also is a urdu word which means God. It is sad that people with peanut size brain like you cannot understand such things.. also as Ram , Krishna or Bhagawan also means God can pseudo seculars like you replace allah in the verse with these words like Bhagawan, Dev etc and dare to sing this song

      P.S. Even i dont reply to comments. But looking at the stupidity of your comment i had no choice but to reply

      1. Well I pray to Parmatma to show the right path to you and mindless bhakts. May almighty open your closed mind to seek the truth. You guys are no less than various mullahs who are propogating half truths to serve their purpose. Bro read Gita in true sense and open mind then perhaps you can understand true meaning…

        1. It seems that your knowledge about Gita is based on some Zakir Naik videos. Read the correct interpretation of those verses (7:20 and 7:24) . I always find it surprising that even though the words in Gita were supposedly spoken before an impending war, you will not find a single hateful, violent term in it as opposed to some other religious books full of gruesome depiction of pain/sufferings like throwing someone in burning oil, smiting off finger nails.

    3. Oh, dear. So, we cannot criticize Islamic verses, poetry and call out Islamist supremacist, you’re saying. He called spade, a spade. He called out the prevalent hatred in Islamists for idol worshipers. He called out the ideology that drives Islamic terrorism. He called out the moron liberals and Islamic apologists like you. I am proud that such a brave professor is teaching at IIT Kanpur. People like him, the apostate prophet (on youtube) are very much needed to call out the threat of Islamic radicalization in the grab of secularism, victim hood mentality.
      P.S.: I have also graduated from IIT Kanpur.

  9. I can’t believe a professor at IITK has the guts to write this. I was a student at IITD (till 2016) and I never saw any non-Socialist prof. Big thumbs up!
    A few questions: Are you not afraid of the backlash from “liberals”? How would you convince students at universities such as IITs to come out and support such ideas at a time when they are viewed as “extreme”?

    1. Dear Rahul, the students of present Indian educational organizations are being taught only to become Scientist, Engineer, doctors, managers, poetss,artisits, politicians…but what is lacking is “Making a responsible Citizen.” And for that one must be taught the real history of India from all aspects. One must undergo Moral Character buildup. That was the very core of Indian education system well before Invasions.

    1. I am embarrased that this clown is an employee of my alma mater IiT Kanpur and I am really embarrassed that the administration has decided to set up an enquiry. What happened to Freedom of Speech. Sad to see IIT kanpur is now. Being guided by rightwing extremists like this author.

  10. Great piece. The Nationalist narrative needs many more like you.
    I was also thinking of Allama Iqbal. The one who wrote,”Saare jahaan se achcha Hindustan hamara”. The same man was one of the founding fathers of Pakistan and ardent Hinduphobe. Why do we even sing his bullshit?

  11. Simply brilliant. You know straight away, it is a work of a well read person who has vast amount of factual knowledge.

    Hats off 🙏

  12. संपूर्ण लेख पर साधुवाद. किन्तु एक बात अवश्य कहूँगा. स्वतंत्रता के दिन पाकिस्तान में हिंदुओं की आबादी २२ प्रतिशत नहीं थी. वह बांग्लादेश मिलकर थी. हमारे पंजाब से मुस्लिम भगा दिए गए, उनके हिस्से से हिंदू भगा दिए गए. आज भारत के पंजाब में मुस्लिम आबादी १ प्रतिशत भी नहीं है.

    1. And what about UP and Bihar …? These states should also have the muslim population less than 1%, right?

  13. “It is like going to Iraq, abusing Yezidis with words – “Hey, when your women will be raped, only Islamic State will rule here” and then claiming that I stood against ISIS! Only a fool can do that. ” Such a terrific analogy. Please use this more on the SM platforms against that awful bigoted poem.

  14. Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. Never knew all these details before. It is important for students and general public to know before they align with the “politically correct” on any issue. In any case, while students can be allowed to debate and challenge any law on the grounds of its legal / constitutional merit, there is no place for religious hatred to be brought in here.

  15. Excellent write up, not that the so-called “liberals” won’t continue to bendover backwards to present this bigoted islamosupremacist poem as some sort of secular rebel song. The most hilarious/popular defense from these scum is “it’s faiz, damn it!”. I didn’t even know who that asshole was, up until now. Apparently any person popular among the sharia-bolsheviks is to be considered a world renowned poet, activist etc., The nerve on these scum. What irritates the heck out of me is their posture of moral superiority, after enabling riots by islamists over the CAA, which is meant to offer dignity to persecuted minorities in the islamic states of pakistan and bangladesh. I puke in my mouth everytime I come across these bigoted low-lives.

  16. Brilliant take down !! Thanks for penning your thoughts. The fraud of Islamic poems being sold to us as oh-so-innocent must be stopped.
    For someone whose family has seen horrors of Islamic attack in Kashmir, I am skeptical as soon as they sneak in Islamic references into anything.

  17. Nira Radia scandel has proved it. It needs to bev A sold out journalist in place of failed journalist.

  18. Liberals (Corrupted Hindus) are impurities and liabilities,their fate is simply to be exterminated