Hindus are right when they say that it is not possible to establish social contact between Hindus and Muslims because such contact can only mean contact between women from one side and men from the other. – Dr B R Ambedkar, Pakistan or the Partition of India (1940)

These words from Dr Ambedkar are pure gold. They hold true to this date. Dr Ambedkar discusses the strange Muslim male psyche that wants to interact with women of other faiths but doesn’t let its women interact with men of other faiths. Love/rape Jihad can no longer be brushed aside as figment of Hindutva’s imagination. This is harsh reality of today that agencies, commissions and rational people have started realising.

If Kerala witnessed, in few years, 2600 odd Hindu women converting to Islam to marry Muslim men against just 2 Muslim women converting to Hinduism to marry Hindu men, it can not be natural. 2600 vs 2 (national stats of absolute numbers must be much worse) requires a huge, organised and coordinated game played by one side on the clueless other. One can check how many Hindu women were made wives by Muslim men and vice versa and how many Hindu men were killed by family of Muslim wife/lover and vice versa. You will see words of Dr Ambedkar in action in every local newspapers from West UP, WB, Kerala, Assam, Maharashtra, Pakistan and other Indian states. “We kept your women in beds for 1000 years” is a common slang used by a community in West UP, Hyderabad and elsewhere.

My men-your women madness that came with Islamic invaders is so mean that Hindus took 1300 years to even recognise it. Even today, not many Indians are comfortable discussing this phenomenon even with best of friends. Revered Islamic literature and all popular translations of ‘holy’ scriptures are full of references that can throw light on this phenomenon.

Please do some research to find what Quran, Hadith (sayings of Prophet Muhammad), Seerat (life of Muhammad), Sharia (Islamic laws) and Fatwas (Islamic judgements) say about Non-Muslims, idol-worshippers, marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men, Jihad against ‘Kafirs’, killing of men, abduction of Kafir women, taking women as sex-slaves, converting masses on sword’s point, spreading Islam to last man in the world, Ghazwa e Hind, and complete annihilation of idolaters & their faith.

According to Dr Ambedkar, not one Islamic invader in india was a mere looter. They were all filled with extreme zeal of Islamic conquest. “These Muslim invasions were not undertaken merely out of lust for loot or conquest. There was another object behind them… there is no doubt that striking a blow at the idolatry and polytheism of Hindus and establishing Islam in India was also one of the aims of this expedition.” – Pakistan or the Partition of India (published 1940) 

Abduction of women, taking them as sex-slaves, converting them to Islam, producing children to contribute to the numbers of Muslim armies was established part of doctrine of early conquests. But an interesting phenomenon also developed in parallel. Some ‘good’ cops were unleashed on Hindus undergoing slaughter, rape, Jaziya (heavy ransom money paid by Kafirs to state to stay alive in Muslim rule) and religious persecution.

With every butcher came a Sufi poet. With butchery of Ghazni, Ghori, Khilji, and Babur came Sufi Shayari of Moinuddin, Nizamuddin, Farid, and Khusro. Not that latter were enlightened souls who valued Hindu lives but they adopted softer approach to Islamise India. While Salar Ghazis, Khiljis and Baburs would kill & erect towers of Hindu skulls and terrorise Hindus to make them accept Islam, Sufis ‘saints’ like Nizamuddin, Moinuddin Chisty, Farid, and Amir Khusro would show ‘miracles’ of Allah’s prowess to ‘idolater’ Hindus to give them proof of One Allah, Islam’s divinity and Hinduism’s futility to make conversion of those to Islam possible who couldn’t be converted by sword.

Islamic butchery of Hindus was complemented by Sufi ‘healing’. According to Moinuddin Chisty’s biography, Prophet himself gave him ‘good’ news of Islamic conquest of Hindus in dream at hands of Muhammad Ghori. Another Sufi Amir Khusro who is commemorated by Govts in India till date for his contribution in arts & Indian culture (!) was a salaried historian cum sycophant in Darbar of greatest butcher Alauddin Khilji.

Let us see how, apart from physical abduction, rape and enslavement, Hindu women were lured/trapped into following Islam. This was subtle Sufi style which Hindus fail to recognise even till date. Look at the celebrated Sufi Amir Khusro and some of his Hindi poems

छाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके
प्रेम भटी का मदवा पिलाइके
मतवारी कर लीन्ही रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके
गोरी गोरी बईयाँ, हरी हरी चूड़ियाँ
बईयाँ पकड़ धर लीन्ही रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके
बल बल जाऊं मैं तोरे रंग रजवा
अपनी सी रंग दीन्ही रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके
खुसरो निजाम के बल बल जाए
मोहे सुहागन कीन्ही रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके
छाप तिलक सब छीनी रे मोसे नैना मिलाइके

English translation:

You’ve taken away
my looks,
my Tilak – faith,
with your glance.

You gave me wine
of your love,
You’ve intoxicated me
with your glance.

My fair wrists
with green bangles
are in your tight possession

with your glance.

I am yours,
I have your colour
You have poured it on me
with your glance

My life is now yours, Oh, Nizam,
You’ve made me your bride,

With your glance.

(Sadly, this Islamist’s poem has been adopted by many Hindu Bhajan Samrats as some great Hindu Bhajan. You may find hundreds of its versions today. Sometimes cluelessness of Hindus amazes me!)

Some more:

सकल बन फूल रही सरसों।
बन बिन फूल रही सरसों।
अम्बवा फूटे, टेसू फूले,
कोयल बोले डार-डार,
और गोरी करत सिंगार,
मलनियाँ गेंदवा ले आईं कर सों,
सकल बन फूल रही सरसों।
तरह तरह के फूल खिलाए,
ले गेंदवा हाथन में आए।
निजामुदीन के दरवज़्ज़े पर,
आवन कह गए आशिक रंग,
और बीत गए बरसों।
सकल बन फूल रही सरसों।

आज रंग है ऐ माँ रंग है री,
मेरे महबूब के घर रंग है री।
अरे अल्लाह तू है हर,
मेरे महबूब के घर रंग है री।

मोहे पीर पायो निजामुद्दीन औलिया,
निजामुद्दीन औलिया-अलाउद्दीन औलिया।
अलाउद्दीन औलिया, फरीदुद्दीन औलिया,
फरीदुद्दीन औलिया, कुताबुद्दीन औलिया।
कुताबुद्दीन औलिया मोइनुद्दीन औलिया,
मुइनुद्दीन औलिया मुहैय्योद्दीन औलिया।
आ मुहैय्योदीन औलिया, मुहैय्योदीन औलिया।
वो तो जहाँ देखो मोरे संग है री।

अरे ऐ री सखी री,
वो तो जहाँ देखो मोरो (बर) संग है री।
मोहे पीर पायो निजामुद्दीन औलिया,
आहे, आहे आहे वा।
मुँह माँगे बर संग है री,
वो तो मुँह माँगे बर संग है री।

निजामुद्दीन औलिया जग उजियारो,
जग उजियारो जगत उजियारो।
वो तो मुँह माँगे बर संग है री।
मैं पीर पायो निजामुद्दीन औलिया
गंज शकर मोरे संग है री
मैं तो ऐसो रंग और नहीं देखयो सखी री
मैं तो ऐसी रंग देस-बदेस में ढूढ़ फिरी हूँ,
देस-बदेस में।
आहे, आहे आहे वा,
ऐ गोरा रंग मन भायो निजामुद्दीन
मुँह माँगे बर संग है री।

ऐ तोरा रंग मन भायो निजामुद्दीन।
मैं तो तोरा रंग मन भायो निजामुद्दीन।
मुँह माँगे बर संग है री।
मैं तो ऐसो रंग और नहीं देखी सखी री।
ऐ महबूबे इलाही मैं तो ऐसो रंग और नहीं देखी
देस विदेश में ढूँढ़ फिरी हूँ।
आज रंग है ऐ माँ रंग है ही।
मेरे महबूब के घर रंग है री।

ऐ री सखी मोरे पिया घर आए
भाग लगे इस आँगन को
बल-बल जाऊँ मैं अपने पिया के,
चरन लगायो निर्धन को।
मैं तो खड़ी थी आस लगाए,
मेंहदी कजरा माँग सजाए।

देख सूरतिया अपने पिया की,
हार गई मैं तन मन को।
जिसका पिया संग बीते सावन,
उस दुल्हन की रैन सुहागन।

जिस सावन में पिया घर नाहि,
आग लगे उस सावन को।
अपने पिया को मैं किस विध पाऊँ,
लाज की मारी मैं तो डूबी डूबी जाऊँ
तुम ही जतन करो ऐ री सखी री,
मै मन भाऊँ साजन को।

बहुत दिन बीते पिया को देखे,
अरे कोई जाओ, पिया को बुलाय लाओ
मैं हारी वो जीते पिया को देखे बहुत दिन बीते ।

सब चुनरिन में चुनर मोरी मैली,
क्यों चुनरी नहीं रंगते ?
बहुत दिन बीते ।
खुसरो निजाम के बलि बलि जइए,
क्यों दरस नहीं देते ?
बहुत दिन बीते ।

बहुत कठिन है डगर पनघट की।
कैसे मैं भर लाऊँ मधवा से मटकी
मेरे अच्छे निज़ाम पिया।

कैसे मैं भर लाऊँ मधवा से मटकी
ज़रा बोलो निज़ाम पिया।
पनिया भरन को मैं जो गई थी।
दौड़ झपट मोरी मटकी पटकी।

बहुत कठिन है डगर पनघट की।
खुसरो निज़ाम के बल-बल जाइए।
लाज राखे मेरे घूँघट पट की।

कैसे मैं भर लाऊँ मधवा से मटकी
बहुत कठिन है डगर पनघट की।

बहुत रही बाबुल घर दुल्हन, चल तोरे पी ने बुलाई।
बहुत खेल खेली सखियन से, अन्त करी लरिकाई।
न्हाय धोय के बस्तर पहिरे, सब ही सिंगार बनाई।
बिदा करन को कुटुम्ब सब आए, सगरे लोग लुगाई।
चार कहार मिल डोलिया उठाई, संग परोहत नाई।
चले ही बनेगी होत कहाँ है, नैनन नीर बहाई।
अन्त बिदा हो चलि है दुल्हिन, काहू कि कछु न बने आई।
मौज-खुसी सब देखत रह गए, मात पिता और भाई।
मोरी कौन संग लगन धराई, धन-धन तेरि है खुदाई।
बिन मांगे मेरी मंगनी जो कीन्ही, नेह की मिसरी खिलाई।
अंगुरि पकरि मोरा पहुँचा भी पकरे, कँगना अंगूठी पहिराई।
एक के नाम कर दीनी सजनी, पर घर की जो ठहराई।
नौशा के संग मोहि कर दीन्हीं, लाज संकोच मिटाई।
सोना भी दीन्हा रुपा भी दीन्हा बाबुल दिल दरियाई।
गहेल गहेली डोलति आँगन मा पकर अचानक बैठाई।
बैठत महीन कपरे पहनाये, केसर तिलक लगाई
गुण नहीं एक औगुन बहोतेरे, कैसे नोशा रिझाई।
खुसरो चले ससुरारी सजनी संग, नहीं कोई आई।

दैया री मोहे भिजोया री
शाह निजाम के रंग में।

कपरे रंगने से कुछ न होवत है
या रंग में मैंने तन को डुबोया री
पिया रंग मैंने तन को डुबोया
जाहि के रंग से शोख रंग सनगी
खूब ही मल मल के धोया री।
पीर निजाम के रंग में भिजोया री।

हजरत ख्वाजा संग खेलिए धमाल,
बाइस ख्वाजा मिल बन बन आयो
तामें हजरत रसूल साहब जमाल।

हजरत ख्वाजा संग..।
अरब यार तेरो (तोरी) बसंत मनायो,
सदा रखिए लाल गुलाल।
हजरत ख्वाजा संग खेलिए धमाल।

जब यार देखा नैन भर दिल की गई चिंता उतर
ऐसा नहीं कोई अजब राखे उसे समझाए कर ।

जब आँख से ओझल भया, तड़पन लगा मेरा जिया
हक्का इलाही क्या किया, आँसू चले भर लाय कर ।

तू तो हमारा यार है, तुझ पर हमारा प्यार है
तुझ दोस्ती बिसियार है एक शब मिली तुम आय कर ।

जाना तलब तेरी करूँ दीगर तलब किसकी करूँ
तेरी जो चिंता दिल धरूँ, एक दिन मिलो तुम आय कर ।

मेरी जो मन तुम ने लिया, तुम उठा गम को दिया
तुमने मुझे ऐसा किया, जैसा पतंगा आग पर ।

खुसरो कहै बातों ग़ज़ब, दिल में न लावे कुछ अजब
कुदरत खुदा की है अजब, जब जिव दिया गुल लाय कर ।

जो मैं जानती बिसरत हैं सैय्याँ
जो मैं जानती बिसरत हैं सैय्याँ, घुँघटा में आग लगा देती,
मैं लाज के बंधन तोड़ सखी पिया प्यार को अपने मान लेती।
इन चूरियों की लाज पिया रखाना, ये तो पहन लई अब उतरत न।
मोरा भाग सुहाग तुमई से है मैं तो तुम ही पर जुबना लुटा बैठी।
मोरे हार सिंगार की रात गई, पियू संग उमंग की बात गई

पियू संत उमंग मेरी आस नई।

अब आए न मोरे साँवरिया, मैं तो तन मन उन पर लुटा देती।
घर आए न तोरे साँवरिया, मैं तो तन मन उन पर लुटा देती।

मोहे प्रीत की रीत न भाई सखी, मैं तो बन के दुल्हन पछताई सखी।
होती न अगर दुनिया की शरम मैं तो भेज के पतियाँ बुला लेती।
उन्हें भेज के सखियाँ बुला लेती।
जो मैं जानती बिसरत हैं सैय्याँ।

जो पिया आवन कह गए अजहुँ न आए,
अजहुँ न आए स्वामी हो
ऐ जो पिया आवन कह गए अजुहँ न आए।
अजहुँ न आए स्वामी हो।
स्वामी हो, स्वामी हो।
आवन कह गए, आए न बाहर मास।
जो पिया आवन कह गए अजहुँ न आए।
अजहुँ न आए।
आवन कह गए।
आवन कह गए।

तोरी सूरत के बलिहारी, निजाम,
तोरी सूरत के बलिहारी ।
सब सखियन में चुनर मेरी मैली,
देख हसें नर नारी, निजाम

अबके बहार चुनर मोरी रंग दे,
पिया रखले लाज हमारी, निजाम
सदका बाबा गंज शकर का,
रख ले लाज हमारी, निजाम…
कुतब, फरीद मिल आए बराती,
खुसरो राजदुलारी, निजाम…

कौउ सास कोउ ननद से झगड़े,
हमको आस तिहारी, निजाम,

तोरी सूरत के बलिहारी, निजाम…

ज़िहाल-ए मिस्कीं मकुन तगाफ़ुल,
दुराये नैना बनाये बतियां ।
कि ताब-ए-हिजरां नदारम ऎ जान,
न लेहो काहे लगाये छतियां ।

शबां-ए-हिजरां दरज़ चूं ज़ुल्फ़
वा रोज़-ए-वस्लत चो उम्र कोताह,
सखि पिया को जो मैं न देखूं
तो कैसे काटूं अंधेरी रतियां ।

यकायक अज़ दिल, दो चश्म-ए-जादू
ब सद फ़रेबम बाबुर्द तस्कीं,
किसे पडी है जो जा सुनावे
पियारे पी को हमारी बतियां ।

चो शमा सोज़ान, चो ज़र्रा हैरान
हमेशा गिरयान, बे इश्क आं मेह ।
न नींद नैना, ना अंग चैना
ना आप आवें, न भेजें पतियां ।

बहक्क-ए-रोज़े, विसाल-ए-दिलबर
कि दाद मारा, गरीब खुसरौ ।
सपेट मन के, वराये राखूं
जो जाये पांव, पिया के खटियां ।

मोरा जोबना नवेलरा भयो है गुलाल।
कैसे घर दीन्हीं बकस मोरी माल।
निजामुद्दीन औलिया को कोई समझाए,
ज्यों-ज्यों मनाऊँ वो तो रुसो ही जाए।
चूडियाँ फूड़ों पलंग पे डारुँ इस चोली को
मैं दूँगी आग लगाए।

सूनी सेज डरावन लागै।
बिरहा अगिन मोहे डस डस जाए।
मोरा जोबना।

परदेसी बालम धन अकेली मेरा बिदेसी घर आवना।
बिर का दुख बहुत कठिन है प्रीतम अब आजावना।
इस पार जमुना उस पार गंगा बीच चंदन का पेड़ ना।
इस पेड़ ऊपर कागा बोले कागा का बचन सुहावना।

परबत बास मँगवा मोरे बाबुल, नीके मँडवा छाव रे।
डोलिया फँदाय पिया लै चलि हैं अब संग नहिं कोई आव रे।
गुड़िया खेलन माँ के घर गई, नहि खेलन को दाँव रे।
गुड़िया खिलौना ताक हि में रह गए, नहीं खेलन को दाँव रे।
निजामुद्दीन औलिया बदियाँ पकरि चले, धरिहौं वाके पाव रे।

सोना दीन्हा रुपा दीन्हा बाबुल दिल दरियाव रे।
हाथी दीन्हा घोड़ा दीन्हा बहुत बहुत मन चाव रे।

बन के पंछी भए बावरे, ऐसी बीन बजाई सांवरे
तार तार की तान निराली, झूम रही सब वन की डाली। (डारी)
पनघट की पनिहारी ठाढ़ी, भूल गई खुसरो पनिया भरन को।

These are just a few samples. Khusro’s Hindi ‘poetry’ is full of fantasies of Hindu woman wearing Hindu religious/cultural symbols – Tilak, bangles, red Chunari etc. She is dying to get attention of her not-so-interested ‘Piya’ Nizam. Sometimes the Nizam ‘steals her Tilak’, holds her fair and delicate wrists full of green bangles tightly and makes her his bride. Many times, the scenarios are same as popular Hindu stories of Krishna and Gopis. There are Panghat, Matki, teasing of women but in place of Krishna, there is a Nizam and so on..

Q. You are a fanatic. You don’t understand poetry. These lines were written by Amir Khusro for Nizamuddin Auliya – a Sufi saint in his devotion. In Muslim poetry, it was common for men to portray themselves as bride craving for closeness with her groom – the spiritual master. Your cheap mentality sees Love Jihad everywhere.

A. How about a few poems like below for devotion?

बुर्क़ा हिजाब सब छीनी रे कान्हा नैना मिलाइके
जाम ए मुहब्बत मोको पिलाइके
नशे में चूर कर लीन्ही रे कान्हा नैना मिलाइके
गोरे गोरे जिस्म पर स्याह ताबीज़वा
कमरिया पकड़ धर लीन्ही रे कान्हा नैना मिलाइके
महबूब तो कान्हा के सदके जाए
केसरिया रंग नहलाई रे कान्हा नैना मिलाइके
खुसरो कृष्ण के चरणों में जाए
बना खाविंद मोरा कान्हा नैना मिलाइके

बुर्क़ा हिजाब सब छीनी रे कान्हा नैना मिलाइके

I threw a similar challenge at a mob of Islamists and seculars in IIT Kanpur when they normalised hate for idolatry and sang a Pakistani Islamist’s lines “Sab butt uthvaaye jaayenge bus naam rahega Allah ka” (when all idols will be removed.. only Allah’s name will remain..). They said it’s all metaphor. All went in hiding the moment they were asked to repeat the same lines replacing ‘butt’ with ‘Allah/Rasul’ and ‘Allah’ with ‘Shiva’. Problem with these Urdu poets is they never demean Allah/Rasul/Islamic symbols even metaphorically. And the stupid secularism never asks them why! It can only side with butchers in attacking idolatry/Hindu faith. Khusro was an Islamist Jihadi. In poetry, he made a Nizam

rub Tilak off a woman’s forehead (even metaphorically, the woman with Tilak must be Hindu)
hold a woman wearing bangles (even metaphorically, the woman with bangles must be Hindu)
make her his bride (even metaphorically, woman whose Tilak was removed and who became Nizam’s bride must be a Hindu convert to Islam)
Saanvre, Matki, Panghat etc used exclusively for Krishna in Indian literature are extensively used and cleverly connected with Nizam instead of Krishna

Q. What is the proof that Khusro wrote this to trap Hindu women? What would he achieve by this?

A. Same that his own father Saifuddin achieved by abducting and converting his Hindu mother (a Rajput Rawat) to Islam (Bibi Daulatnaz).

Same that ‘saint’ Moinuddin Chisti of Khusro’s Sufi tradition achieved by getting a minor daughter of a Hindu Raja abducted after getting her father killed, converting her to Islam and doing Nikah at Prophet’s commands.

Same that Moinuddin’s Ajmer Sharif’s official caretakers achieved by trapping thousands of minor girls, raping, filming, blackmailing, converting them to Islam and forcing them into flesh-trade. Google 1992 Ajmer Rape Scandal to know how it was done.

Same that hundreds of Sufi shrines across Pakistan & India achieve by converting young & minor girls to Islam.

Same that Khusro achieved by portraying abduction of Deval Rani – an unfortunate baby girl whose mother was abducted by Alauddin Khilji when she had infant in her lap, whose father was killed when she was 10 again by the same butcher, who was abducted by same Khilji who abducted her mother 10 years ago, who was put in same Harem at age of 10 years with her mother, who was converted to Islam like her mother and married off to Khilji’s son Khizr Khan, who underwent rapes and tortures by Islamic butchers who usurped power one after another – as some love story which he named ‘Ishqiya’.

Same that Khusro achieved when he wrote below with swelled chest in Islamic pride over victories of greatest butcher cum rapist cum pedophile cum homosexual of all times – Alauddin Khilji. See how much hate this Khusro had for Hindus and their faith. Read bold part carefully. [All quotes are from Khusro’s Khaza in ul Fatah – Campaigns of Alauddin Khilji]

Khusro celebrating helpless Kafir women & children being sold in Delhi’s slave market

“The Mughals (was the time when Mughals were still non-Muslims), taken by surprise, begged for water from the Muslim army. They were all taken captive along with their women and children. A great victory had crowned the Muslim armies. Thousands of Mughals were sent to the fort of Naraniya with ropes round their necks; their women and children were brought to the Delhi slave-market and sold away like Hindustani slaves… He went there and put unhesitatingly to the sword all the Mughals who had been brought to the fort after the victory. Streams ran with their foul blood.

Most of the Mughals were slain.. their women and children were taken prisonersout of fifty or sixty thousand Mughals not more than three or four thousand were left alive. Ghazi Malik.. had Kank and his comrades thrown under the elephants’ feet.. and then constructed a tower of Mughal headswomen and children were sold in Delhi and the rest of Hindustan like Hindi prisoners of war.”

Khusro celebrating desecration of Somnath, religious slaughter of Hindus, rivers of blood and forced conversion to Islam

Having described the dagger thrusts in many victories over the Mughals, I now come to the conquest of the Hindus of Gujrat : As the sword of the Emperor of land and sea had been plentifully smeared with the blood of the infidel Mughals, he wished to wash off this clotted impurity in the immense ocean. Consequently, on Wednesday, the 20th Jamadiul Awwal, 699 a.h., a fortunate day, he issued a firman.. to send an army, like clouds and rain, to the coast of Gujrat to destroy the temple of Somnath.

Like an angel directing the clouds, the late Ulugh Khan (May God make him drink out of the fountain of His forgiveness!) was appointed to lead the victorious army. Resolved to conquer, the clouds moved towards the sea; and as the foundations of the temple were water-deep, they wished to bring its summit to the water also. When the Imperial army reached the City of that land, the sword of the righteous monarch completely conquered the province, which, adorned like a bride, had escaped so many emperors of the past.

Much blood was shed. A general invitation was issued to all the beasts and birds of the forest to a continuous feast of meat and drink. In the marriage banquet, at which the Hindus were sacrificed , animals of all kinds ate them to their satisfaction. Then the Khan A ‘Azam moved his army towards the sea. Round the temple of Somnath, which is the centre of Hindu worship, he drew a circle with his troops, and planted his Khaim spear so high towards the centre that its sharp point almost pierced the sky. The banner of Islam was elevated to the equator, while every arch emerging from the two semi-circles, into which the army was divided, -without fail passed its arrow through the black dot of infidelity.

So the temple of Somnath was made to bow towards the Holy Mecca; and as the temple lowered its head and jumped into the sea, you may say that the building first said its prayers and then had a bath. The idols, who had fixed their abode midway to the House of Abraham (Mecca), and there waylaid stragglers , were broken to pieces in pursuance of Abraham’s tradition . But one idol, the greatest of them all, was sent by the maliks to the Imperial Court, so that the breaking of their helpless god may be demonstrated to the idol-worshipping Hindus.

It seemed as if the tongue of the Imperial sword explained the meaning of the text: So he (Abraham) broke them (the idols) into pieces except the chief of them, that haply they may return to it .’ Such a pagan country, the Mecca of the infidels, now became the Medina of Islam. The followers of Abraham now acted as guides in place of the Brahman leaders. The robust-hearted true believers rigorously broke all idols and temples wherever they found them. Owing to the war , Takbir and Shahadat was heard on every side ; even the idols by their breaking affirmed the existence of God.

Khusro praises Islamic sword that purified land with Kafir blood

In this ancient land of infidelity the call to prayers rose so high that it was heard in Baghdad and Madam (Ctesiphon) while the ‘Alai proclamation (Khutbd) resounded in the dome of Abraham and over the water of Zatnzam . As to the city of Nahrwala and the city of Kambayat (Cambay), which the sea raises its head to swallow up, as well as the other cities situated on the coast — though the sea beats against them with force, yet the wave of the Muslim army did not turn to the sea to wash off the contamination of infidelity from the land, but cleansed the ground by a deluge of infidel blood, for if blood is not clean, and cannot cleanse, yet the sword is a purifier ; and the sword having overcome the infidels, their blood became pure also. My object in this simile is not real blood, but (only to show) that the sword of Islam purified the land as the sun purifies the earth.

Khusro celebrating seize of Ranthambhor fort – hunger, thirst, helplessness of Hindus, burning of Hindu daughters, and sacrifice of men therein

In a single campaign Ranthambhor was conquered, and by the decree of providence the land of infidelity became the land of Islam.

When the celestial canopy of the Shadow of God cast its shade over the hill of Rantambhor and the conqueror of the world emitted his heat like the sun over the unlucky inhabitants of that place, the days of their life began to decline. The towering fort, which talked with the stars through its lofty pinnacles, was surrounded by the troops. The Saturnian Hindus, who are related to that planet, had for purposes of defence collected fire in all the ten towers, thus turning the towers of earth into towers of fire. Everyday the fire of those people of Hell extended its heated tongue to the light of Islam. But as the Mussalmans, men of pure elements

May the country prosper under such an Emperor till water and earth, fire and air continue to existA mountain moved against the infidel fort, and the hearts of the Hindus began to fail them... Hradas inside the fort, being the brides of the Hindus, had borne them female offsprings of s tone and were openly throwing them out

Famine prevailed to such an extent within the fort, that they would have purchased a grain of rice for two grains of gold but could not get it. The fire of hunger had roasted their hearts within their earthen bosoms — and they wished to open their bosoms and cut up their roasted hearts… After the nauruz, the Sun of Justice (the Sultan) shone full on the Rantambhor hill and every day its heat and light increased, till finally the lofty fort, which drew its water- supply from the azure sky, became a desert from lack of vegetation and water. The world seemed smaller to the Rai (of Rantambhor) than the prison within a rose-bud.

So in his desperation one night he lighted a high fire, which rose like a mountain-tulip on the hill, and threw into it the rosy-coloured young maidens, who had grown up in his arms. After he had personally despatched to hell these deserving inmates of paradise, he came.. with one or two other unbelievers, bent on sacrificing his life with honour. Though the morning breeze had begun to blow, the narcissus-eyes of the watch- men had not yet closed in sleep…

Thus on the fortunate date, Tuesday, the 3rd Zil Qa’dy 700 a . h . such an impregnable fort was taken through an exercise of the strong will. The title of the ‘ Place of Islam ’ was sent from heaven for this house of infidelity. The inhabited parts of Jhabun, that old land of paganism, became the ‘ New City ‘ of the true believers. The great Imperial banner stood over the iron fort like a key in a lock ; for it was the key for the conquest of southern lands.

Khusro celebrating destruction of all temples and plunder of Hindu city by ‘holy warriors’

First the temple of Bahir Deo, the support of which he had invoked, was destroyed. Then the houses of infidelity were overthrown by the strong arm of the holy warriors. Many strongly built temples, which the trumpet of the Day of Judgment could not have shaken, went to sleep on the ground as the morning breeze of Islam blew upon them. The stones of the infidel fort had grown deaf from hearing the Hindu conches ; but now they re-echoed the (Muslim) call for prayer, Where formerly the loud pealing of the Brahman’s kettles had torn the ears of the Hindus, now the sound of the Prophet’s Khutba filled true believing ears with a melodious joy...”

There are hundreds of pages this man Amir Khusro wrote on how the sword of Islam killed Hindus, enslaved women, sold them in slave markets, demolished Hindu temples to humiliate Hindu faith and establish Islam – the only true religion. He was not a mere commentator or a neutral historian but someone who took part in military campaigns of Alauddin Khilji against Hindus in pure Islamic zeal. His sycophancy and approval of a butcher like Khilji finds no parallel in history.

Q. Still, we studied in school that Amir Khusro was a great Sufi mystic and an ideal example of India’s Ganga-Jamuni composite culture. Why are you bringing all this to demonise him?

A. Because millions of women were enslaved at sword’s point by Khiljis as recorded by Khusros in history of India. Millions were fooled/forced into accepting Islam like today’s Pakistan and India. Statistics prove that religious conversion of Non-Muslim women is primarily carried out at Sufi shrines. From history of Khusros, Moinuddins and Khiljis, it is crystal clear that they and their followers were/are on a mission. Mission of eradicating Hinduism/ idolatry from earth, taking women as Maal e Ghanimat and convert all to Islam. Those who wish to remain fools may wait for Khiljis.

Credits : Featured image used in the article is taken from somalispot.com

About Author – Dr Vashi Sharma, studied at IITB, taught at IITK, Energy Science, Defence, Religions, history, Pakistan.

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