Most Indians don’t understand Pakistan. Forget about novices or liberals living in dreams, even the learned despite all their sincerity fail to crack miserable Pakistani psyche. 

Pakistan doesn’t hate India. Pakistan hates Hindus. Please refer to my articles 1 & 2. Right from ideological founder of Pakistan to physical founder to etymology to liberals to common masses to extremists to artists to politicians to everything (minus the non-Muslims) in Pakistan hates Hindus.

ARY News aired programs calling for open slaughter of Hindu ‘Baniya’ on Primetime. Producers of Amir Khan’s PK chose same ARY as distributing partner in Pakistan!

This hate has ideological roots in sacred texts of majority of Pakistanis. All translations of the holy book [9/5] ask followers to slay idolaters wherever found, [98/6] call idolaters/polytheists/non-believers ‘worst of creatures’ and [9/29] ask followers to fight non-Muslims till Islam is spread to the last man on earth. Out of non-believers, idol-worshippers are declared greatest sinners.

We would be happy to believe that “Slaying of idolaters” in holy book actually meant “empowerment of idolaters” just like Faiz’s “Sab but uthvaaye jaayenge.. bus naam rahega Allah ka” actually meant “when falsehood will perish and truth will prevail” as suggested by Javed Akhtars and Barkha Dutts. But problem is Sharjeel Imams and Abu Baqr Al Baghdadis read “slaying of idolaters” as “slaying of idolaters” and not “empowerment of idolaters”. 

Imran Khan’s minister in Punjab Faiyaz ul Hassan Chouhan warns cow-urine drinker, idolater Hindus of Muslim wrath. 6th gen convert, descendent of Hindu Rajput Chauhans believes his father was an Arab.

This rabid hate comes with a cost which is idiocy, hypocrisy, perpetual humiliation and defeat Pakistan and Islamists of subcontinent have become epitome of. Hindu-hate was basis of creation of Pakistan. For that, villanization of Hindus and victimisation of Muslims was imperative. But how could the superior faith become so helplessly weak in front of Kafir idolaters? How could Muslims be superior race and victims at the same time? 

This paradox was explained with two assumptions. Pakistan’s holy books, textbooks, Generals, politicians, Mullahs & ruling establishment taught following to Pakistanis since childhood

1. Muslims are martial race. They are fair, handsome, tall, well built, fearless, born warriors, conquerers and big-hearted people. 

1 Muslim = 10 Hindus in war. Muslims fight frontal wars.

2. Hindu is Baniya (clever trader). He is dark-skinned, ugly, meek, weak, coward, callous, cunning, shrewd, small-hearted and incapable of fighting. Hindu was slave of Muslims for 1000 years. Hindu conspires and backstabs.

Fareed Paracha, Jamat e Islami Pakistan functionary spewing venom against Hindus

1 Muslim >= 10 Kafirs as per Holy Book 8/65. You may find it absurd but this has been official policy of Pakistan Army vis a vis India. All four wars Pakistan initiated against India actually had this 1:10 theorem at play. Almost all Army chiefs and PMs of Islamic Republic of Pakistan religiously believed in a Muslim’s magical prowess against weak Hindu Baniya described in Islamic Holy Book. Few examples:

Tahir Mehdi, a Pakistani columnist exposes Pakistan in Dawn – Have you ever watched the Independence Day play in your neighborhood school? Please do, the next time you get an opportunity. A boy dressed in a dhotee, with no top or maybe a vest and a shiny bald head but with a small head of hair dangling funnily on one side of the skull represents India. He has a shrewd smile on his face and his character personifies callousness and insensitivity. He is a traitor who ditches poor Muslims to side with an oppressive white man. It is a theatrical rendering of the narrative: all Indians are Hindus and all Hindus are baniyas. No need to add that baniyas are abhorring creatures.

Outlook 16 June 2008, page 24 reads – Dr Babur quotes junior Muslim officers describing their motivational lectures, “we are taught that in the Quran one Muslim is equal to 10 Kafirs and after every lecture, slogans praising God and Caliph Ali are raised

Sarmad Iqbal, a Pakistani writes in Quint – I also vividly remember how my textbooks in primary school and even in secondary schools, particularly in Urdu language… …were replete with references like, “We Muslims were strong and brave so we defeated the weak, cunning and clever Hindu Indian army”. Central Asian invaders like Mahmud Ghaznavi who destroyed and desecrated one of the most sacred Hindu temples in India “Somnath” (in the Indian state of Gujarat) were often glorified.

Pak cricketer Sohail Tanveer and TV anchor discuss how disgusting Hindu Baniya is after getting rejected from IPL

India-Pakistan cricket matches are marked by commentary such as – Is Hindu team ko hamaray Shaheenoon nay harana hai (Our hawks [reference to Pakistani cricket team] will have to defeat this Hindu team [refering to the Indian cricket team]”.

Mass rallies in support of “Kashmiri Muslim brothers” led us to believe that the Hindu Indian army is killing our Muslim brothers and is being endorsed by a government that has the dimag (mind) of a Hindu Baniya (a clever Hindu merchant).

Mohsin Khan ex-Pak cricketer on how Indian players could not match strength, energy and courage of Pakistani players. This is same man who Indian cinema gave acting chance in many films and who an Indian actress Reena Roy married!

Manzoor Turabi, Researcher, Pakistan Project, IDSA writes – Almost on a regular basis, the Urdu newspapers carry articles and editorials portraying India as a country ruled by ‘Hindu Baniyas’ who, from their point of view, are ‘enemies of Muslims’.

Sabir Nazar writes in Dawn – Indian soldiers are cowards. One Muslim soldier is equal to 10 Hindu soldiers (Hamid Gul) … but we never won any war against India.

Gen Amjad Shoaib, DG Military Operations, Pak Army refers Hindus as Baniya repeatedly (6 times in 2 minutes)

Irfan Husain, Pak’s ex-civil servant who wrote speeches of PM ZA Bhutto writes in Dawn – In the evenings at the army mess where I had a room…While my shooting skills improved on the rifle range, I don’t think I learned anything of value. But I did get an insight into the insularity of military life. For one, our commanding officer, a reasonably bright lieutenant-colonel, was convinced that one Muslim soldier was equal to 10 of his Hindu foes.

And for all the talk of one Muslim soldier being equal to 10 Hindus, we have lost each of the wars we have fought with India.

Ardeshir Cowasjee writes in Dawn- It is of no use us propagating the myth that one Pakistani soldier is equal in strength and courage to five Indian soldiers. Our retired generals, colonels, air marshals, wing-commanders, admirals and commodores do us a disservice when they air their views…

Stephen P. Cohen, American author, Political Scientist and Professor of Security Studies writes- “One Pakistani soldier is equal to ten or more Indians – Pakistan adopted it as a way of demonstrating to foreigners… that a small amount of assistance to Pakistan could offset the Indian behemoth. If one Pakistani equalled ten or twenty Hindu Indian soldiers, then Pakistan could overcome the disadvantages of its apparent size and resources…

Ayaz Amir, former Muslim League N leader and Pak columnist writes – from Kashmir to Kargil, and the 1965 war in between — were started by us, convinced of victory because we had fed ourselves on the notion that one Muslim soldier was equal to ten Hindu soldiers.

The book Dirty Hands and Vicious Deeds, edited by Samuel Totten, eminent Professor of history reads- “Proclaimed itself the inheritor of the martial tradition of Islam, the successor of Timurlane and Nadir Shah and all the other Islamic conquerers of India.” It became a common theme among the ranks of the military, a matter of unquestioning bravado turned into conviction of their own innate prowess as soldiers of Islam, that one Pakistani soldier was equal, if not better, in fighting spirit than 10 Hindus. Out of such thinking infused with racial bigotry and religious chauvinism, the senior commanders of Pakistan Army were blinded by their own limited vision of the complex reality of politics.

Mullah Khadim Hussain Rizwi close to Pak Army explains relationship between Muslims and Hindus

To cut long story short, for an Islamist, Hindu is a Baniya/weak community. Muslim is martial race. Muslims ruled Hindus for 1000 years. Still, Muslims are victims of Hindu oppression. How? Because Chalaak Baniya sided with British to end 1000 years long humiliation in form of Muslim rule. As per history taught in Pakistan, Hindu invited British to conquer India. Muslims fought British for independence while Hindu Baniya was acting as loyal servant of the Queen. Since Hindu was not able to fight Muslims with muscle power (1 Muslim > 10 Hindus), he backstabbed Muslims and joined hands with British. This may be called as Yahood o Hanood ki Saazish a term popular in Pakistan which means conspiracy of Jews & Hindus. 

(Theory of Muslim martial struggle against British is hoax. Those versed in history know that Jinnah was a British stooge. Muslim League – sole representative of majority of Muslims in pre partition era – had its first objective as “To promote, among the Musalmans of India, feelings of loyalty to the British Government, and to remove any misconception that may arise as to the intention of Government with regard to any of its measures” [Dhaka Resolution, December 30, 1906])

Situation of Islamists in India is more complex. Being minority, their claims of Muslim superiority and attempts of villanisation of Hindus have to be subtle. I am not suggesting Indian Islamists are any better. Remember that Pakistan was brainchild of Indian Islamists.

Dar ul Uloom Deoband’s (Uttar Pradesh, India) Fatwa stating a Muslim shouldn’t even show tolerance and morality to Non-Muslims, shouldn’t make them friends!

Fatwas like – asking Muslims to not be friends with Hindus – are regularly issued from Dar ul Uloom, Deoband, India. Deoband is a suburb in UP state where 80% population is Hindu (at least on papers). In principle, Islamists of India and state of Pakistan are inseparable. They carry equal hate, disgust and venom for Hindus.

Remember Sukhi Lala (Lala is synonym of Baniya widely used in Punjab) of 1957 Mehboob Khan’s Hindi movie Mother India? Tightwad with ugly face, bald head with Hindu sacred symbols Shikha & Tilak, big moustaches, dirty stares, rapacious character, who tries to rape a helpless mother of four small kids in exchange of food for her dying kids right in mid of storm? 

Sukhi ‘Baniya’ molesting a helpless mother of 4

This portrayal of Lala/Baniya was then adopted and taken to new heights by Salim-Javed (same Javed who after villanizing most peaceful Baniya community on earth using stolen plots from Hollywood is now feeling sad at growing Islamophobia). In almost every other movie written by the likes of Javed, 5 characters were often seen. A casteist Brahman who would not let a Dalit enjoy equal rights, a cruel Thakur/Rajput whipping poor people for fun or raping women, and a greedy Baniya who would snatch Sood/interest even from mother of dying kids.

Baniya with sacred Tilak and Shikha on head oppresses poor in Bollywood movies

There used to be another interesting character. A Rahim Chacha who would protect poor/Dalit from Thakur’s atrocities or adopt a Hindu daughter/sister without changing her faith and would eventually die protecting someone from Thakur’s wrath.

Remember Shahrukh Khan’s Raees? Baniye ka dimaag aur Miya Bhai ki daring? This is subtle way of putting Hindu is Baniya and Muslim is martial race. Junior Owaisi’s open threat to wipe out 100 Crore Hindus with 25 Crore Miya Bhai was nothing but exhibition of universality of 1:10 theorem aka Miya Bhai ki daring (check number of social media ‘Miya Bhai’ pages endorsed/inspired by Owaisis).

Will 'Miya Bhai' SKR overshadow female characters in 'Raees'? | Evening  Standard

This also explains why Muslim community in general and Islamists in particular are victims of illiteracy, poor health and worst statistics in scientific innovations. When applying Dimaag/brain is looked down upon in popular culture, having brains is a matter of ridicule and joke, and violent tendencies are glorified beyond limits, you end up becoming Islamist circus like Pakistan. 

These idiotic Baniya-Martial race fantasies would not merit a response if their impact could remain confined to some isolated Mullah brains. But given these reveries served as war strategies for Islamists in past (including terror attacks on India and 1948, 1965, and 1999 Ind-Pak conflicts), eyes can’t be closed. It’s not about how ridiculous Islamists are but how much capable these ridiculous Islamists are.

All Indians are not Hindus. All Hindus are not Baniyas. All Baniyas are not cowards. Muslims of Pakistan are children of those Hindus who had to change their faith at sword’s point. At least 2/3rd of Pak Army Chiefs till date have been descendants of Hindu Jats and Rajputs. Rest 1/3rd have faked their castes. I will give detailed account of all prominent Pakistanis and their Hindu ancestry in subsequent articles.

All Pakistanis carry Hindu DNA. If all Hindus are Baniyas, all Pakistanis are those children of Baniyas who couldn’t fight.

About Author – Dr Vashi Sharma, studied at IITB, taught at IITK, Energy Science, Defence, Religions, history, Pakistan.

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