Art has no boundaries. Artist is artist – not Indian or Pakistani. Ghulam Ali Saheb and Mehndi Hassan Saheb permeate all borders. Who can separate us? Mere man-made Lakeer? Certainly not.

I salute this boundary-less love. But I wish matters were that simple.

My first analysis on good and bad people on both sides of border dealt with what overwhelming ruling elite, establishment and media of Pakistan think about India (Hindus to be exact, as in Pakistan, India = Hindu and Hindu = India).

Next, I will analyze the biggest contributor to collective psyche of masses – cinema. Since, Pakistan has a long tradition of movies that are specifically created not just for entertainment but influencing vulnerable minds, I will have to split this analysis in multiple posts. I will begin with review of the star-studded movie whose name defines the pretext on which Pakistan separated from India – Musalman.

I choose this movie for several reasons. It is not one odd exception of fanaticism. It features the biggest superstars of Pakistan. Some of these stars have worked also in Bollywood. We Indians have paid for their mega-launches in Bollywood. Recall Zeba Bakhtiyar of Henna by RK Films? Remember Jawed Sheikh of Om Shanti Om and Namastey London?

Shaan – another lead hero of film made a career making anti-India anti-Hindu films. This includes Waar – the highest grossing Pakistani propaganda film – that blames India for suicide bombings and terrorism in Pakistan.

Oh, did I mention that Waar is produced by ARY – the media company that runs the biggest hate-India channel and suspected to be ‘very close’ to Pakistani army.

(Interestingly ARY was also distributor of PK - the Aamir Khan film which is also subdomain of Pakistan, features a Hindu girl desperate to marry a Pakistani, and has a joke on Shiva, not Prophet)

Waar – another production of ARY – is included in catalogue of Netflix India. I will discuss this in some other article. What is relevant is that the film is a representative of what reverberates most with Pakistani psyche. And don’t worry, will showcase more such films from Lollywood as examples.

When Bollywood of Hindu majority India was celebrating mega launch and success of superstars viz. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Irrfan Khan, Emran Hashmi, Imran Khan…, this was happening in Lollywood of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

1. “Muslim Mother asks child to end Hindu-Raj”

2. “Cunning Hindu Baniya, Muslim hate, non-religious & hot daughter!”

Above clip is a crash course on Pakistani psyche. Start counting

a. This is the first scene of movie where Hindu family is shown. Without any religious context, Ishvar Allah tero naam background music starts playing! And this happens in all Pakistani movies whenever there is a Hindu family in the scene. This looks funny but one can imagine the extent of Hindu genocide Pakistan has committed. There is hardly any Hindu left to tell that no Hindu plays Ishvar Allah tero naam as Bhajan.

(It was a political gimmick used by clueless congress leadership in hope that it will ease tensions between Hindus and Muslims. It did 50% work. Many Hindus adopted Allah same as Ishvar. Many temples played it day and night on Gandhi Ji’s call. However, Muslim community seemed less impressed. No Masjid ever announced Ishvar is same as Allah. Hindus diluted their faith for Allah. Ishvar kept waiting for Muslims. As result, Pakistan, genocide and rape of Lakhs of Kafir women happened).

b. Hindu is a typical Baniya. He will have dark complexion, a Baniya cap, Tilak on forehead, an ugly mole on the face, ugly face expressions, deep hatred for Muslims. The accent and mannerisms will make him look like an ugly joker. (observe it for yourself in next videos and articles)

c. However, his Hindu daughter will be beautiful. She will either be wearing short dress or a sexy revealing Saree (to woo Muslim men as you will see next). She will be liberal and not much impressed with her Hindu faith. She will try to educate her fanatic Hindu father about innocence of Muslims but latter being typical ‘Makkar Hindu Baniya’ will refuse to listen.

d. Hindu daughter refuses to go to temple for Bhagvan ka Darshan.

e. Her bigot Hindu father fears that his daughter might turn another Jodha Bai! Those who don’t know, Jodha Bai was said to be Hindu princess whose father had to send her to Akbar’s Harem as symbol of surrender before Mughals. Reference to Jodha Bai keeps appearing in Pakistani movies frequently with immense pride. One can understand reasons and mindset behind disappearances, forced conversion, abduction, Nikah/sex-slavery/flesh-trade of thousands of Hindu-Sikh minor girls in Pakistan (and every part of world where Islamism has reached including India & Europe).

A narrative has been built among Muslims of Pakistan that Hindu women/girls don’t want to remain Hindus/visit temples and it is Muslims’ duty to save them from Kuffar (Hindu faith), greatest sin of Butparasti (idol-worship), Behayayi (sin of wearing indecent revealing clothes, short-dresses) and hell. Just check statistics of Hindu-Sikh women/girls/minors abducted for conversion/Nikah to understand better.

3. “Muslim hero only takes shelter in Muslim households”

Can you see full dresses of women in Muslim family? Even a 6 yrs old child has covered her full body. Remember short dressed Hindu girl in earlier video? Contrast created between Hindu and Muslim women so that former can be ‘corrected’ later.

4. “Indian Army conspires against its Muslim officers coz they are Muslims”

5. “Indian Army considers Muslims as terrorists”

6. “Muslim Major of Indian Army explains why Muslims are suicidal in nature and why he is so proud (!)”

7. “Liberal Muslim boyfriend brings her Diwali gift but her Hindu father hates Muslims, won’t let him enter his house”

As expected, hot & enlightened daughter of cunning ‘Hindu Baniya’ fell for a Muslim boy. All set to become Jodha Bai! Muslim boy is so liberal that he bought her Diwali gift despite her father’s extreme hatred for Muslims.

8. “Napaak – Impure Hindu can’t touch Quran”

A Hindu enters Muslim Major’s house in Indian Kashmir and throws away Quran. Lady replies – We Muslims will cut you into so many pieces that your “Hindu Qaum (community)” won’t be able to count. Even a 6 years old girl knows sanctity of Quran and knows why it is her religious duty to not let any Kafir Hindu touch it. Now compare her with a grown up Hindu adult girl who refuses to go to temple.

9. “But Muslim men can touch/ caress/ romance Hindu women in open”

The man in video is younger brother of Muslim Major. While his sister-in-law and niece made it clear that a Hindu can’t touch Quran and dared whole Hindu Qaum in previous video, he touches, dances, and romances with a Hindu girl in open. Go back and check moral values, head-cover and ‘decent’ dress of his family women. Now compare it with his Hindu girlfriend’s. A desperate woman who only wants to seduce her Muslim boyfriend.

Rule is clear. Muslim woman must be decent, confident and firm on her faith. She doesn’t go out with boys. While Hindu girl is available for all, clueless about her faith and is meant for Muslim men.

10. “Coward Hindu lynch mob vs brave Muslim”

Just look at the way Hindu Baniya walks up to his daughter’s Muslim boyfriend, his facial expressions, his repeated hatred for Muslims, frequent Ram Ram chants and finally out of the blue – Ye Musla to Gau Mata se bhi jyada zor me dikh raha hai (This Muslim is even more powerful than Gau Mata- mother cow). Unnecessary reference to cow for hurting Hindu sentiments is consistent across all walks of life – politics, movies, literature, art, TV, media and street. Gaumutra jokes are not a new phenomenon.

11. “Finally, agenda is out! Hindu Baniya’s daughter wants to be with Shahid in next birth too”

Forgets that Shahid’s faith doesn’t have next birth. Shahid will have his virgins in jannat!

12. “Girl finally tells her Hindu God – I don’t have belief in you. My love is above my faith”

Hindu girl rebels for love. She challenges Hindu God – “I don’t believe in traditions/customs. I don’t want to understand faith. I only know love.” At 0:24, she actually shows finger to God in denial and declares her dissociation. In end, vulgar dance at God’s feet seals her disbelief.

13. “Hindu Army officer punishes a small kid for being Muslim”

14. “Hindu Army officer asks his Bhagvan – What material are Musalmans made of?”

15. “Hindu girls are prostitutes. Whenever hero refers to courtesans, he doesn’t forget to mention their Hindu faith”

16. “Hindu girlfriend of Muslim man reminds jealous Hindu army man- how Akbar kept Jodha Bai in his bed”

a. Hindu Army officer of India tortures Hindu girl and her Muslim boyfriend because she loves him and doesn’t care about her faith.

b. Imagine the satisfaction director/dialogue writer got when they made Hindu say – “You have thrown honour of all Hindus beneath one Muslim’s feet!”

c. Hindu officer assures Hindu girl to punish her coz she did Balatkaar (rape) with Muslim man! Poor Hindi perhaps. He wanted to say sex.

d. When a Hindu officer asked her not to be in relationship with a Muslim, Hindu girl reminds him proudly how Hindus had to send their women to Akbar’s bed to save themselves!

Those who have been to West UP in India or any similar Islamist dominated places must know this is exactly how Hindus are ridiculed by a community that proudly claims they ruled Hindus for 1000 years and kept Hindu women in beds.

I will analyse this Islamist fetish – keeping “Hindu women in beds” (and being proud of it) that explains thousands of cases of abduction, rape, forced conversion, Nikah, selling, trafficking and flesh-trade involving Hindu girls in Pakistan and India every month – in detail in my upcoming articles.

e. In the end, Muslim boyfriend of Hindu girl dares all Hindu gods to find Azad (Jihadi protagonist) who plans to carry out attacks on Hindus. Apart from Hindu women in beds, another obsession of Islamists – idol worship and so many gods of Hinduism is interesting. Almost everywhere, mockery of idolatry and many gods (called Butparasti and Shirk in Islamic lingo) of Hindus will be seen in Pakistani ‘Art’.

17. “Hindu Army officers disrobe Muslim women. Muslims never touch others’ women”

a. After explaining how Muslims made Hindu women Jodha Bais in their beds for centuries, movie highlights how Muslims never touch women of others. Genius!

b. Hindu governor’s daughter ‘Sita’ has been abducted by Kashmiri ‘freedom fighters’ who can be disrobed. There is a consistent practice in Pakistani movies to have most Hindu female characters named after Hindu goddesses – Sita, Kaushalya, Shakuntala (observe it in current and upcoming articles). Some of them will be made courtesans, some made girlfriends of Muslims and some are used for vulgar rants. For example, “first save your Sita who can be disrobed” reminds us of some online abusive troll or a roadside religious fanatic/rioter who posts/hurls vulgar comments/morphed pictures of Hindu goddesses to hurt religious sentiments.

c. Muslim Major of Indian Army who has now joined Kashmiri terrorists (ISPR/ISI play at work to flare up Muslim sentiment in Indian Army) says Hindus propagate falsehood regarding Muslims being violent.

18. “Hindu is Kutta (dog), Sikhs are brave, mutiny in Indian Army – ISPR/ISI smiling”

19. “Hindu Qaum (race) is liar. Sikh race (!) is truthful. ISPR’s googly!”

20. “Sita converts to Islam. She wants to stay with her abductor Azad Khan”

This is second Hindu female character of the movie rebelling against Hindu faith. Because Hindus are liars. She regrets taking birth in Hindu faith. But now she rectifies Allah’s mistake. She converts to Islam in 15 seconds. Moulvi quickly covers her naked Beghairat (indecent) head and makes her recite Kalma.

Perfect guide for Muslim fanatics in Pakistan/elsewhere to abduct, convert and marry Hindu/Non-Muslim girls. No surprise news of abduction, forced conversion and Nikah of a Hindu/Sikh minor girl is as definite as first ray of light with sunrise every day in Pakistan. Trend is similar in almost all Indian states having presence of Islamists.

Be it Love Jihad debate in India or white girl grooming gangs from Pak in Britain, the mindset of ‘winning’ others’ women by hook or crook under religious sanction/encouragement is clearly visible.

21. “Azadi is not about Kashmiriyat but all about digging graves of Kuffar (Non-Muslims)”

22. “Lady Sikh Indian Army officer joins Muslims in Azadi. Coz Muslims are thousand times better than Hindus”

Keep counting how many Non-Muslim girls have gone to Muslim camp. There were 3 Hindu-Sikh female characters in movie. Baniya’s daughter, Governor’s daughter, Sikh Army officer. All of them had converted to Islam/embraced Muslims by the movie ended. Coincidence!

23. “Hindu dogs try to bomb mosque but they can only bark and not bite Muslims”

24. “Suicide bomber kills Indian Army men with Allahu Akbar chants. Bhagvan of Hindus gave them Kutte ki Maut (dog’s death) whereas Allah granted Muslim Shahadat (martyrdom)”

Movie ends with the trademark Islamist suicide attack.

Now let’s run a quick “good and bad people on both sides” test.

Two main actors of the movie – Jawed Sheikh and Shan Shahid are Amitabh Bachchan and Akshay Kumar of Pakistan film industry. The most popular actor of all time and highest paid actor respectively. How many times have you seen the following in an Indian movie:

Amitabh Bachchan says – Thank God I have taken shelter in Hindu household not Muslim’s?

Akshay Kumar says – This Muslim race always spreads lies about Hindus?

Amitabh Bachchan says – There is an arrangement of Muslim bar dancers in party?

Akshay Kumar says – I will dig graves of all Muslims?

Amitabh Bachchan converts a Muslim woman named Aisha and marries her off to his brother Arjun?

Akshay Kumar kills Muslims chanting Jai Shri Ram with declaration – “Your Allah gave you pig’s death. My Ram gave me Moksha!”?

Anushka Sharma portrays Hindu girl warning Muslims – O Muslims, how could you touch our book Gita with your filthy Muslim hands?

Deepika Padukone portraying Muslim girl Fatima, tells her father – “I don’t need to offer Namaz. You alone do it” or dance exposing half of body in front of Prophet’s picture to declare her disbelief?

Priyanka Chopra portrays another Muslim girl Zainab who does romance with Hindu man in open, ready to accept Hinduism while he dares her Prophet and Allah to stop him with all Jannati Jinns and angels?

I can’t think of any such movie.

Yes equality and borderless love is good. But only if it is mutual.

Else this one-sided equality only results in thousands of innocent girls crushed on beds with forced conversion, Nikah and prostitution.

Q. You just picked one movie. Don’t generalise.

A. I will review 5 mega movies. Rest assured, each one will surpass previous in hate, bigotry and naked attempts towards onscreen Hindu genocide and rape.

Q. Only 5? Not enough.

A. Why don’t you give one example from Indian side from actors of same stature?

Q. Gadar was blatantly anti-Pak. There are hundreds of anti-Pak movies.

A. Read article again. It is about Pakistan promoting genocide of Hindus, rape and conversion of Hindu women to Islam etc. The very point is – Hindu is Pak’s enemy not India. India is enemy because Hindu is in majority. How many anti-Muslim movies did Bollywood produce?

Q. Gadar was anti-Muslim. There are many dialogues.

A. Bring one comparable to those presented here. On contrary, Gadar is full of balancing like- Kashi Kaba ek Hai ek hai Ram Rahim, Islam Zindabad, Pakistan Zindabad! The hero was even ready to convert to Islam!

Here is the point. Even the most anti-Pak movie of India till date was blatantly secular. Show one Pakistani movie in which Muslim man/woman was ready to convert to Hinduism and say Hindustan Zindabad!

Q. Look, movies do not depict right or wrong. They only show fiction.

A. Why is it that they keep challenging Hindu gods and mocking cow but never drew Prophet’s cartoons in fiction? Why does this fiction work in one direction always? Why these movies made careers of its superstars in Pakistan?

Q. Forget past. Let’s look ahead. Let the actors cross boundaries and perform in each other’s countries. It will bring countries closer.

A. This movie Musalman was made in 2001. The protagonist of the movie – Jawed Sheikh has worked in 13 Indian films since this poisonous anti-Hindu performance.

Rule of engagement seems to be like this. Pakistan/Islamists will continue to promote Hindu genocide, rape, conversion and insult of Hindu faith. Meanwhile India must bear responsibility of being secular state, culture, art etc. It must welcome snakes that are directly responsible for the screams of Hindu-Sikh minor girls emanating from conversion centers of Pakistan.

Have you ever thought why movies – Ishaqzaade, Ranjhana, and Bajirao Mastani were banned in Pakistan but Jodha Akbar became one of the most popular movies ever? In first three movies, Muslim girl fell in love with Hindu man. In fourth, Jodha Bai was brought to Akbar’s bed.

If this can’t open eyes, nothing could. Time for liberals to introspect. Neutrality between right and wrong is suicide.

Will discuss 4 more movies in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.

I thank Shri Sanjeev Newar for critical inputs. Indebted to my team for all support and hard work.

About Author – Dr Vashi Sharma, studied at IITB, taught at IITK, Energy Science, Defence, Religions, Pakistan.

Twitter – @VashiAgniveer

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  1. If hndu girl is converting so easily means there is some issue with your “parawarish” why are u blaming others?

  2. Waar mein toh woh takla shaayad Ali Azmat hai jo Dino Morea ka gehra dost hai aur baar baar India aata jaata rehta hai concerts ke liye .. Junoon wala … Uski maa ka bhosda !

  3. talking peace with these idiots is like fooling yourself…I am shocked at the level of stupidity .ignorance and propaganda.

  4. If
    Ye move India me banti to kya hota
    India me rahke Pakistan ka gun gane wale you should go to Pakistan all jihadi

  5. लगभग पूरी इस्लामी दुनिया कट्टरपंथ का शिकार है। हो सकता है कि इस्लाम की स्थापना के वक्त अरब के स्थानीय हालात ऐसे रहे हों कि वहाँ शांति एवं सभ्यता स्थापित करने के लिए तत्काल कायदे कानून व्यवहार बनाए गए, लेकिन 1400 साल बाद भी अगर इनमे बदलाव नही लाये गए तो विनाश ही होगा। इस्लाम शुरू से ही कोई धर्म नही था बल्कि एक दमनकारी, विस्तारवादी, विध्वंसक, क्रूर राजनैतिक विचारधारा थी जिसने शुरूआत ही अपनो के गले काटने से की। जहाँ सिर्फ इस्लाम है दूसरा कोई धर्म है ही नही, उन देशों के हालात बद से बदतर होते जा रहे है, जैसे नाइजीरिया, यमन, सीरिया, इराक, ईरान, सऊदी, UAE, इत्यादि। इनमे आपस मे भी सुन्नी, शिया, अहमदी, कादियानी, सलाफी, हनफ़ी, वहाबी, बरेलवी, देवबंदी जैसे तिहत्तर फ़िरक़े हैं जो एक दूसरे का गला काटने में लगे रहते है। शिक्षा के नाम पर क़ुरान, सीरत, हदीस से बाद इनके लिए दुनिया खत्म है। ये अपनी हर दुश्वारी का हल केवल इन्ही तीन क़िताबों में ढूंढते हैं और मुल्ला मौलवी इन्हें जो भी पढ़ा दे वही सच है। तेल न मिला होता तो अब तक ये कंगाल होकर भीख मांग रहे होते। अंकल सैम और उसके दोस्तों ने तेल खोज दिया और तेल मिलते ही खिलाफत तोड़ दी। अब अंकल सैम और उसके दोस्त तेल भी ले जा रहे हैं और हथियार बेचकर दिए गए डॉलर भी वापस। बचे हुए डॉलरों से अय्याशी होती है या इस्लामीकरण। जिस दिन तेल की जरूरत खत्म इस्लाम का काउंटडाउन शुरू। आज असंभव दिख रहे किसी भी कारण से जिस दिन अंकल सैम , चाउ-चिंग, और सनातनी साथ हो लिए उस दिन पिक्चर का दी एन्ड।

  6. This is the responsibility of every hindu and even christian also if they think they will thrive under muslim rule then this is wrong this should be uderstood by girls also who in awe of western value tend to think that muslim are liberal girl should have independent thought but they should also keep in mind the responsibility we all have in growth of this nation and sir please print a this article in every major language by which it could be understood by everybody.

  7. This is an eye opener for all the actors in india who says that they should be allowed to act in bollywood movies. India has always been secular and in the facade of being secular, we have ignored these problems entirely and has always snubbed hindus for being intolerant.It is now time for hindus to take off this blindfold and be alert.

  8. Wow man I just came here after watching AKTK youtube channel.
    Your great work just impressed me to subscribe your blogs.
    Just keep it up sir , I will tell my friend about you.

  9. Eye opening realty .should be know to everyone to salve the problem . But in india it will be eclipse by high morality and mahanata

  10. This blatant anti-Hindu bias in Pakistan is an open secret known by one and all. Also, their views and arguments mirror those of the leftist pseudo-liberal and pseudo-secular brigade in our country. No surprises there. What else can we expect from the people of such a wretched nation that committed all sorts of heinous atrocities on members of their own religious community during the 1971 Bangladesh War of Liberation? Pakistan is a land of rapists, murderers, bigots, fanatics and fundamentalist jihadis. It is a land where minorities live in abject fear, amid the the ever-present danger of forceful rape, conversion and persecution. Also, the big international media yahoos don’t bother with them, as the sufferings of people don’t matter as long as they are non-Muslims.

  11. This movie is like a lice in the dog shit and there are people in India who wants peace dialogue with them

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