Another Islamist is worried about ‘Nazi India’ under ‘fascist’ Modi rule. Pak PM who earned the name Taliban Khan by crores in Pakistan for his friendships, sympathies and links with dreaded Taliban has concluded that RSS is real threat to world peace after an ‘RSS man’ abolished article 370. Hypocrisy is a small word to describe this paradox. 

Most in India don’t understand Pakistan. There are two types of Indians

 1. Who hate Pakistan coz of media reports, news and perception of Pakistan being ‘enemy state’ –  common masses as well as people from defense who have had first hand experience dealing with Pakistan.

2. Who want friendship with Pakistan – mainly liberals who believe good and bad people are found in all communities and bad people are present on both sides of the border (more on Indian side of course), Aunties in their 50s who wanted to marry the ‘hot’ Imran Khan in his cricketing days, many Punjabis (both Hindus and Sikhs) who believe partition of Punjab was worst thing to happen and we share same culture, language, food, Bhangda etc, who tell stories how they went to see Ind-Pak cricket match in Lahore and next day went to visit their ancestral Haveli where nobody charged them for food, shopping etc. They conclude that partition was a dirty politics played on innocent Punjabis who otherwise wanted to stay together.

When Indian jets bombed terror camp at Balakot post Pulwama, Imran Khan’s ‘gesture’ of returning Wg Cdr Abhinandan and sacking a Minister for anti-Hindu remarks won hearts of crores on Indian side. There were Indian Bollywood intellectuals who demanded Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan and asked ‘Hindutva brigade in power’ to learn from Imran Khan and sack ‘Hindutva extremists’ from positions. 

I wish to inform that both 1 and 2 are wrong because
a. Pakistan is not enemy of India.
b. Pakistan will never be friends with India. 

Looks paradoxical? Let’s begin with understanding greatest paradox on globe – Pakistan. Read till the end. There is some interesting food for thought for our agencies, forces, liberals and masses vis a vis Pakistan, its ideology and threats emanating from both. Test of “bad people are found on both sides” must also run in parallel. Let’s begin.

But first, the complete statements:

a. Pakistan is not enemy of India. Pakistan is enemy of Hindus.
b. Pakistan will never be friends with India because Hindus are in majority.

Sit back and keep counting to know what these mean.

1. Constitution of Pakistan clearly says no Non-Muslim can become President ever

Genocide of Hindus – natives, sons/daughters of soil – started with Jinnah’s declaration of Pakistan being a Muslim state. Genocide was constitutionalised soon. Creation of Pakistan and bloodshed of millions required a justification. Demonisation of Hindus was thus the first step. Most liberals hide behind argument of “but bad people are on both sides”. Yes. But constitution of one side sides with bad guys, that’s the problem.

2. Imran Khan – even cricket was Jihad

Let’s meet PM Imran Khan – Even in his cricketing days when some Aunties in India wanted to die for him, he saw every match against India as Jihad in Kashmir.

Imagine Virat Kohli saying – I score centuries against Pak coz Muslims drove my ancestors out of Lahore. I see Lahore as part of Akhand Bharat.

3. Imran Khan’s Indian illegitimate children 

Khan’s ex-wife shares some interesting features of this Nobel Peace Prize contender. Reham Khan writes that Imran Khan informed her of total 5 of his illegitimate children including Tyrian White. It’s interesting to see him boasting about some Indian illegitimate children of his, eldest being 34 years of age and how he ‘helped’ some Indian women get pregnant when their husbands failed to do so! This is a typical Pakistani mindset that considers victory in ‘winning’ women of others that forms basis for rape, forced conversion, Nikah and disappearances of thousands of Hindu girls every year in Sindh and across Pakistan. And yes, this is continuation of same rape tradition from Muhammad Bin Qasim to Ghazni to Ghori to Mughals that Pakistanis hail as heroes.

4. Imran Khan’s Minister who will destroy all temples

Meet Pakistan’s Railway minister – Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. He has been Pak’s minister 6 times. One of the most senior politicians, right hand man of PM Imran Khan. He threatens Hindus of Pakistan and India with demolition of all temples.  

5. Imran Khan’s minister gives nuclear threat to destroy Birla Ji ka Mandar (Mandir)

Imran Khan’s minister often enjoys interesting company. From left – Sheikh Rasheed, Hafiz Saeed (26/11 mastermind), Maulana Sami Ul Haq (father of Taliban), Syed Munawar Husain (Head- Jamat e Islami), Retd Gen Hameed Gul (mother of Taliban and ex-Chief ISI). 

6. Imran Khan’s Minister vows “to kill ‘b*****d Modi'”

7. Imran Khan’s Minister – Ghazi of Sultan Ghaznavi of Somnath, soldier of Ghazwa e Hind

Meet Pakistan’s minister for Parliamentary Affairs – Ali Muhammad Khan.
He reminds 3.6 Million Hindus of Pakistan and 80 Crore of India of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi as to how he attacked, plundered and demolished the revered Somnath temple. He also reminds Hindus of Ghazwa e Hind – the bloody conquest of Hindus by Islamic forces, a Hadith in their holy books that says Hindus will be defeated, enslaved, killed or converted to Islam in final war.

Imagine an Indian Minister threatening to attack Kaba in holy Mecca on Prime Time and wiping out all Muslim population!  

8. Imran Khan’s minister says “Kashmir is not for Hindu Kafir”

9. Imran Khan’s Minister asks Hindus “when you are cow-piss drinkers and idolaters, how will you fight us (Muslims)”?

Meet Pakistan’s Punjab’s ex-cultural minister Fayaz Ul Hassan Chouhan. He tells Hindus that “you are cow-piss drinkers and idolaters and hence can’t fight us (Muslims)”. Before someone reminds me of his removal from ministry by Imran Khan, let me inform you that he has been back to ministry, the Ministry for Colonies.

I think Imran Khan still deserves Nobel Peace Prize for keeping Hindu-hating minister away from ministry for 4 months.

Another crucial point is that every India hater from Pakistani minister to suicide bomber Adil Dhar to Hafiz Saeed calls Hindu cow-piss drinker. Even within Indian border, it is important to identify and keep vigil on such piss-obsessed traitors.

10. Imran Khan’s minister assuring Hafiz Saeed’s men- “no one can touch Hafiz Sahab till Imran Khan is in power”

11. Imran Khan’s Minister for Inter-faith harmony Noor Ul Haq Qadri in a spiritual discussion with Hafiz Saeed (also joined by Moulana Sami Ul Haq – father of Taliban)

Just to complete the list of Imran Khan’s non-Nazi companions/ministers, know about Pakistan’s Minister for Interior – Brig Ijaz Shah. According to the ex ISI Chief, Shah was the mastermind behind Osama Bin Laden’s safe years long stay at Abbottabad near Pakistan Army’s academy. Former PM of Pakistan – Benazir Bhutto in a letter to the then President and Army chief – Parvez Musharraf wrote before her assassination that she fears she will be killed. Brig Ijaz Shah – the current Minister for Interior with Imran Khan was one among four she feared will get her assassinated!

Let’s come back quickly to Pakistan’s only narrative – hate-Hindu

12. Pakistani media admitting role in Pulwama, claim “they killed 350 Indian soldiers not just 35”

Interestingly the same man earlier claimed that Pulwama was a false flag operation conducted by Indian agencies to trigger conflict with Pakistan for electoral gain for Modi! Now urge to become avengers-in-advance for Kashmiris on 370 made them forget what they peddled earlier!

13. Pak General (ex Director operations) who leaked Pulwama plan 4 months before attack!

I had even tweeted this to authorities the next day – October 2, 2018. Exactly after 4 months, Pulwama – the first suicide attack in J&K happened. My twitter account was suspended soon after.

14. Pak Army Brigadier Retd Haris Nawaz calls Modi – “Chai wala, Makkar, Dehshatgard Hindu PM (tea-seller, rascal, terrorist Hindu)”

Says no other faith could have done what they (Hindus of India) did. Although he is not aware that it is RSS and not RRS (typical problem most Pakistani experts have in facts and pronunciation), still he knows enough about Hindu being a coward race.

15. Imran Khan’s Brigadier will send non-state actors, Taliban and ISIS to teach ‘coward Hindu race’ a lesson in Kashmir

He says

– Pak has many non-state actors who can teach lesson to ‘Hindu Kaum’. Hindu Kaum is such that it kneels down and touch your feet if you are strong. But if you show softness, they will start jumping on your heads.

– They (Hindus) are not able to fight militarily
– Pak will direct Taliban to Kashmir once the US withdraws from Afghanistan 
– Soon ISIS will be in Kashmir and Pakistan can’t stop it
– Even FATF can’t do anything coz we will only send Mujahids in Kashmir but we won’t get involved in any terror financing! Genius! (If I kill someone, only 302 will apply. I will be protected from corruption charges.)

16. Imran Khan’s Brigadier says – “Hindu race will be wiped out in nuclear war as Hindus have only one nation. Muslims will still remain as they have so many countries”

17. Imran Khan’s Brigadier says – “Hindu is a coward race. It can’t fight us”

18. Commander of Ghazwa e Hind: “From Qasim to Ghazni to Ghori to today’s Jihadis to social media Ghazis who are fighting Hindus are doing Ghazwa e Hind – final conquest of idolaters (Hindus) of India” 

19. Commander says “Prophet himself will lead Muslim forces to destroy Hindus of India. Whole of India will come under Tawheed – One Allah. Removal of 370 is beginning of Ghazwa”

20. Commander says- “Hindus fear Muslims. Muslims ruled Hindus for 1300 years and kept them as slaves. This fear and slavery in Hindu DNA makes them stammer when they speak to a Muslim”

21. Commander will send Jihadis to Indian Kashmir

Man on left is Dr Farhan Virk – an MBBS doctor from Pakistan and head- social media cell of PTI – Imran Khan’s party. He operates from Imran Khan’s residence at Bani Gala, Islamabad. Man on right is Zaid Hamid. Son of a 9th gen (9 or little older, needs to be established) Hindu convert to Islam from Bihar. He is quite popular in Pakistan with lakhs of followers on social media. ISI-man.

22. Commander says “Hinduon ko thand daalni hoti hai (teach Hindus a lesson)”

23. Commander says “anything that weakens Hindus is part of Ghazwa e Hind. When we march on streets of Delhi soon, the day will be final stage”

24. Commander says “never trust a Hindu”

25. Commander says “Hindu is animal who drinks cow-piss, he remained slave for 1000 years”

26. Commander says “get one Crore Hindus working in Muslim countries out of jobs”

27. ‘Liberal’ Pakistani Hassan Nisar says “we (Muslims) still have 50 countries. You (Hindus) have only one. You Hindus will be wiped out in nuclear war”

Before Aman Ki Aasha liberals accuse me of quoting extremists only, here is darling of many Indians – Hassan Nisar, most respected columnist in Pak. He says – If nuclear war happens, Muslims have 50 countries. We will still survive. Hindus will cease to exist if we nuke you. You are not found anywhere else in world.

28. Pak Administrative Services Officer and senior analyst says “according to Quran, idolater Hindu is biggest enemy of Muslims along with Jews”

Orya Maqbool Jan (Ex officer Pakistan administrative services, columnist, prime time analyst)- Muhammad said in Hadith & Quran to Muslims – Jews and those who do Shirk (idolaters/polytheists) are your enemies. Today, Hindu is the only one who does Shirk (idolatry). Hence Hindu is the biggest enemy.

29. Pakistani astrologer explains new dimensions of ‘rascal’ Hindus

He has definitely read some hidden text of Hindus that no Hindu is aware of according to which Hindus believe in Avaagan (only Pakistanis know what this Avaagan is, is it Aavaagaman by any chance?) Ram was a character in Mahabharat that happened in Satyug! Kalyug belongs to goddess Kali! Anyway, major point to drive home is ‘Hindu is rascal’. And this must be broadcast on primetime on national television.

30. “Hindu is Baniya only capable to do accounting. We are accompanied by martial races”

31. Pak analyst : Moody (this is how most Pakistanis pronounce Modi for some reason) is a terrorist. “Will dig graves of Hindus in Kashmir”

32. Pak analyst : “We Muslims are Ghazi when alive and Shaheed when dead. You (Hindus) are Bhagoda (coward)”

33. Pak journalist : “I will go to Kashmir wearing suicide vest”

34. Imran Khan’s minister says “this is not India. Everyone in Pakistan has gun including Aalu-Chhole wala. All will come to Kashmir”

35. Imran Khan’s minister : “I won’t say Sushma Ji blushed at this age on meeting me. Imran Khan bowled googly with Kartarpur corridor for Sikhs”

This is foreign minister of a country talking about female foreign minister of the other. There is a reason women ended up being worst victims of rape, abduction forced conversion, marriage and sex-slavery during Islamic invasion and partition of India. There is also a reason why Pakistan is worst country for non-Muslim women, specially Hindu girls. Women of disbelievers are always on target of Pakistani faith. (Will cover women and Pakistan in detail in upcoming articles)

I can go on and on. Will stop now. One thing is clear. An Indian sees a Pakistani as a Pakistani. But a Pakistani sees an Indian as Hindu who can never be a friend. This was whole meaning and basis of Pakistan. Remember when Wg Cdr Abhinandan was caught by Pak forces, what was first thing they made him say?

My name is Abhinandan and my religion is Hindu.

If this can’t teach us lessons, nothing will. Pakistan is not a country. It is part of India that was populated by Hindu-hating radicalised people and is now captured. They have extended their claims on Kashmir. Punjab was tried in 80s. It is still in queue. And as their ministers said – Delhi is final destination. Pakistan is just a launch pad. Goal is something bigger. You leave Kashmir, they will claim Punjab. You leave Punjab, they claim Himachal. It won’t stop until Delhi. Final destination is complete Islamisation of India. Complete genocide/conversion/persecution of Hindus as laid out by half a dozen sitting ministers on prime time.

Those who try to create false equivalence on “extremists on both sides”, look closely. How many ministers or Indian intellectuals have you seen on TV declaring all Muslims as enemies, rascals, fit to be killed/converted? How many people have actually been killed by “lynch mobs” in India? 10? 20? 100? 1.5 Million Hindus were killed alone in Pakistan during 1971 oppression of East Pakistan. Where is the comparison? 10 against 15,00,000? Stop fooling yourself.

Imagine, the above is what they could speak on prime time on national television! How dangerous would the real plans be that lie in darkness of their hearts and closed-doors? Listen from one of them and prepare. This war is going to be dirtiest and longest.

“There can’t be any brotherhood between Hindu and Muslim. We beheaded our fathers who refused to accept Islam”

This is my first article in series on Pakistan. Will post more. Next will be Hindu-hate in Pakistani art, culture and movies. Stay tuned!

About Author – Dr Vashi Sharma, studied at IITB, taught at IITK, Energy Science, Defence, Religions, Pakistan.

Twitter – @VashiAgniveer

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  1. You have put in a lot of effort to corroborate a narrative with anecdotes. There is no much difference between this narrative and these pakistani buffoons in these videos. These are fringe elements on both sides who try to spread hate. The human sense of reality is composed of complex paradigms of trust and hate. Unfortunately your narrative is trying to feed the later.

    1. Ms.Sushila Devi – He did not mwke things up. He is giving references and many links are to TV programmes where prominent people in power in Pakistan have spoken in front of tehe camera. You say they are fringe elements. If you can really put your money where your mouth is, please give about 10 links where (in India), some ministers or famous Hindu leaders have said in front of a TV camera similar things. Then dismiss this post as an exaggeration. Please do it.. Regards..

    2. In that case given me an example when in the Indian prime time new channel when someone says Muslims in Pakistan are pig-piss drinkers and they have a fetish of raping minor boys.

  2. Pakistani people think that India is for hindus , such a narrow minded thinking is being propagated by Pakistani movie, media , art etc. They will not rest until all hindus will get converted.

  3. Vashi Ji, I am your twitter follower as well. I follow Sanjeev Ji’s work, Gau Seva, Missing Hindu Girls, Agniveer. You have my respect to fullest extent. Thanks for speaking the truth.
    This is applicable to Indian muslims too. The places are different, the ideology is the exact same. That is exactly why Ambedkar and Sardar Patel reminded us to never let them stay here. Fraud first PM Pandit being a muslim, forced us into this forever curse of secularism. Congress destroyed our culture and education the worst.
    Hindu Rashtra is the only way to protect us and our future generations. Let temple money be free of Govt control and every single penny will go to re-conversion into Dharma once again. No other option to let others stay in Hindustan other than being a Hindu.

  4. Most of it applies to Indian Muslims too. That is why you see Jihad, Love Jihad, conversion and rape of Hindu girls. Indian muslims still consider the oppressors of hindus as their heroes.

    1. These pig haters from pakistan must also remember that mughal empire had been defeated by sikhs and marathas when aurangazeb tried to subjugate hindus and also dont forget your last mughal emperor also fled to burma by the britishers, so dont say that the pig haters are brave. Hindus are quite does not say anything that doesnt mean that you can take advantage of it.

  5. Hindus must know this bitter truth.

    This article needs to translate into other regional languages.

  6. Great.. eye opening collection… really our prime time TV anchors and participants should watch how india and hindus is being degraded in paki media

  7. This article is pure gold.Hindus dont realise the fact that how much motivation is required to be a suicide bomber.And their motivation is killing idolters.They have no problem with india if india is muslim majority.Look they have no hatred for bangladesh

  8. Thank you so much for compiling this insightful articles. Hope it will help opening eyes & mind of people on our side who still do not understand this madness supported by religious sanctions.

  9. This is Pak & it’s leaders, journalists, Army saying want to destroy Hindu Religion……there agenda is to send terrorists into India…..
    Better India should destroy their each Military assets…..

  10. Eye opener and shoes real face of Pakistan , I strongly request opposition to drop their selfish political agenda and unite against Pakistan . Let’s build our defense our armies and if they do any mischief use that as opportunity to wipe out this sick nation called Pakistan .. mother of terrorism .

  11. Hey Vashi, being a veteran I closely follow Pakistan. And let me tell you this is by far the most valuable piece on Pakistan I have read in my life. Thanks for the brilliant piece!