Disclaimer : By Muslim/Islamist/Islam in this post, I mean people/faith of people like Akbar Owaisi, Sharjeel Imam, Zakir Naik and those who believe ‘Hindus are Kafirs’ and ‘Kafirs will burn in hell’. If you believe idol-worshippers too will go to Jannat, this is not for you.

I reject anti-CAA protests. CAA-NRC is an excuse. Real causes behind the uproar are seeds of religious supremacy sowed in masses since childhood through religious literature & history of ‘ruling India/Hindus for 1000 years‘, hate for Kafirs, desire for a caliphate (a hidden desire in minds of certain religious clerics across globe) and mobilisation of a religious community for same. This is a well thought-out plan where Islamists like Sharjeel Imam (mastermind of much celebrated Shaheen Bagh, ex-IIT, JNU student who wants to cut off Assam from rest of India militarily) are at the core and some common Muslims, leftists, liberals and gullible students across India are being used as disguise to give this Jihad a legitimacy among masses.

Anti-CAA leader, Hyd MLA Akbar Owaisi reminds us how his ancestors waged war on India and ruled it for 800 years.

28 of my family members were massacred with chants of Pakistan ka matlab kya La ilah illillah, tera mera rishta kya La ilah illillah in Gujranwala, Pakistan in 1947. If Jai Shri Ram became ‘Hindutva war cry’ coz it was allegedly chanted by someone while killing a man over beef (stories with little evidence), liberals fail to explain why the chants of Tera mera rishta kya La ilaah illillah or Sab but uthvaaye jaayenge, bus naam rahega Allah ka in anti-CAA protests are not the declaration of war by Pakistan(is) in India!

Millions were butchered and raped with same slogans in 1947, 1971 & 1990. Deliberately using these chants today in opposing an Act meant to provide security to persecuted minorities of Pakistan is no coincidence. It is clear warning to a Hindu survivor of 1947 violence like me some of whose ancestors were fortunate enough to escape death in Gujranwala. “We will catch you in Delhi if you help remaining Hindus of Gujranwala today.”

We moved on after migrating to India. We thought history is history. We thought Kafir-haters have got their land. Now India will be home to persecuted Hindu-Sikhs like me. But I was wrong. We forgot our history. Those who created Pakistan but never went there didn’t. The agenda is not yet finished. Hans ke liya hai Pakistan, khoon se lenge Hindustan (we snatched Pakistan away with smile, will take India with blood) was often used by rioters in West UP where I spent my childhood. This aggression must be checked at all levels – physical, religious, social, psychological and intellectual – by the state.

Let’s analyse arguments of anti-CAA fanatics one by one.

Q. What does CAA do?

A. It simply fast-tracks process of granting citizenship to the persecuted non-Muslim minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Read the Act.

Q. CAA is against constitution of India.

A. CAA is an Act passed by both houses of parliament & signed by President of biggest democracy of the world. 200 women at Shaheen Bagh or a PhD student in African Studies at Sabarmati Dhaba, JNU can’t dictate what is unconstitutional. Anti-CAA protests are lynching of law of the land. Just like a lynch-mob believes they have right to decide what is crime and what punishment criminal should be given surpassing all courts & law, anti-CAA protestors believe they are highest authority on constitution and they can block roads, burn buses/trains, attack police, f*** Hindutva, and moral police law-abiding citizens.

Q. Look look, how can a secular India promise citizenship only to Non-Muslims? CAA is anti-Muslim.

A. Wrong. Anyone can claim Indian citizenship anytime outside CAA. A Pakistani Muslim Adnan Sami did it and got it.

Q. But under CAA, only Non-Muslims are included. Why not Muslims?

A. If there is flood in Kerala, the extra relief, food and medicines would be dispatched to Kerala separately. It doesn’t mean the other parts of India are deprived of food or medicines. If persecution of Non-Muslims is highest in these countries, special and quick relief will be made for Non-Muslims. Instead of wasting energy opposing CAA, oppose Islamic States like Pak that forced India to bring CAA in first place.

Q. India is a secular country. It can’t discriminate among immigrants on basis of religion.

A. How many secular laws does the Muslim community follow? India’s secularism is never under attack when

  • Muslim man could have 4 wives. Non-Muslim is jailed
  • Muslim man could divorce wives unilaterally over SMS
  • Halala persecution of Muslim women
  • No property rights after divorce
  • Everything barbaric under Sharia

How many government of India/states schemes exclusively for minority/Muslims in last 70 years have you opposed or refused to take? How many times did you hit streets, vandalise public property, burn trains and attack police against below schemes exclusively meant for Non-Hindus, many exclusively for Muslims? Here is 3-page list of current schemes

If special and exclusive schemes, scholarships, jobs etc for Indian Muslims didn’t hurt secularism of India, CAA won’t either. Don’t worry.

Q. But still, CAA excludes Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

A. Why are you so worried about Muslims of outside? Specially Pakistan? Does this Act say anything against Indian Muslims? Or snatches anything away from Indian Muslims?

Q. If it is that easy, why are there so many people protesting on streets? This is not Gandhi’s India. This is not Dr Ambedkar’s India.

A. Why are there so many fools in the world? Let them be fools. You must be smart. Dr Ambedkar’s constitution is for all Indians.

Anti-CAA protests are anti-Dalit

85% of Pak Hindus are Dalits, tribals and backward classes. They are treated as untouchables in Pak. There are separate water-taps for Hindu kids at schools. Why is it that an Act that has been introduced to give relief to millions of Dalits is being opposed tooth and nail in name of Dr B R Ambdekar? Is it not akin to pushing a drowning kid further down and dedicating the act to his helpless father?

During partition, many Dalits were not allowed to leave Pak because Jinnah’s country needed Non-Muslims to clean their toilets. This is reality. Even today, many vacancies for Sanitary jobs in Pakistan are exclusively floated for Non-Muslims.

51% of Pak Hindus are bonded (chained) labours

‘We were kept chained up after work, sometimes for days even, in a dark room without food,’ recalled Kasturi, a bonded labour. Image & caption by FARAS GHANI/AL JAZEERA

According to an estimate, total Pak population today ~ 197 Million

Share of Hindu population = 1.85%

Hindu population in Pak ~ 3.6 Million

According to a Dawn’s report in 2015, over 2.3 million people were bonded labour in Pak, with over 80 per cent of them being Hindus. (bonded labours are people tied in chains so that they can’t escape, exploited in fields, factories, brick plants. Whole families are tied in chains, kept as slaves, women are raped, sold as sex-slaves sometimes by ‘owners’)

Total Hindu bonded labour ~ 1.84 Million

It means more than 50% of total Hindu population in Pakistan is bonded labour.

Know that when anyone protests in India against granting citizenship to such victims of extreme persecution, slavery & torture that can make anyone go insane, it’s not for Dr Ambedkar. It is exactly against Babasaheb’s ideas, people and country. Reality is, all these masked men & women hiding behind Dr Ambedkar’s name hate him and Dalits to the core. Just ask a CAA protestor, why are they against relief and freedom to 1.84 Million Dalit-Hindus?

Litmus test : Ask a CAA protestor, if Dr Ambedkar is so dear and respected in Shaheen Bagh circles, will Dr Ambedkar go to Jannat? You will have your answer.

Q. CAA is bogus coz it nowhere defines what the persecuted minority is. How will you make sure whether a Ramchand who has migrated from Pakistan was indeed persecuted or is just tricking us for taking citizenship?

A. Millions of Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists were slaughtered, raped, converted to Islam and displaced in celebration of Pakistan’s creation. Non-Muslim population of Pakistan (including Bangladesh) was reduced from sizeable number to a minuscule one. More than half a Crore Hindu-Sikhs were kicked out of their ancestral land. Even after this massive ethnic cleansing, Non-Muslims constituted around 14% of Pakistan’s population in 1951 census. Today, they are at 2-3% (5-7% if Bangladesh is accounted).

I really get amazed at shamelessness with which a Javed Akhtar or an Arfa Khanum asks for proofs of persecution from Pak/Af Hindu-Sikhs! What is bigger proof that more than 50% of them are bonded labours who are chained like animals and raped like sex-slaves?

Ask parents of those 1,000+ Hindu-Sikh girls (mostly minor) who are abducted every year (as per Pakistani reports, real numbers would be much higher), raped, converted to Islam forcibly and married off to Muslim men. Should all of Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists in Pak-Af wait till their daughters get raped in order to prove persecution to anti-CAA brigade in India?

And no, it’s not an act of few. Pakistan’s state promotes trapping and conversion of Non-Muslim girls to Islam. Read this to know how abduction, rape and conversion of Hindu girls is encouraged through Pak movies.

What happened at Nankana Sahib? A Sikh girl was abducted, converted to Islam and married off to a Muslim. Later, a rabid mob surrounded Shri Nankana Sahib – Mecca of Sikhs – and threatened to demolish the Gurudwara and establish mosque over it. This happens with Hindu-Sikh girls, Temples-Gurudwaras on daily basis.

Related image

Remember Ghotki violence? A false blasphemy complaint against Hindu school principal led to attacks on temples & Hindu households and desecration of idols. While one Babri Mosque is still remembered, thousands of temples/idols were demolished in Pak/Ban in last 70 years. Is there no shame left?

Related image
Hindu temple attacked in Ghotki, Sindh, idols desecrated over false charge of blasphemy against Hindu school teacher

Who can forget Asia Bibi, a Pak Christian woman, mother of 5, charged under false allegations of ‘blasphemy’, sentenced to death by Pak court? For 9 years, she and her family lived life worse than hell. A Governor who spoke in her support was assassinated by his own bodyguard. another Minister of minority affairs, a Christian, was gunned down for raising voice for the lady. At last, under international pressure, she was acquitted by Supreme Court. She had to be taken directly to the airport from the court and was flown out of the fanatic country as dozens of Fatwas over her ‘head’ were waiting outside.

No, it’s not the act of ‘few’. Pakistan officially declares Non-Muslims as 2nd class citizens. No Non-Muslim can become PM/President/Army Chief as per Pak constitution. Pak sitting ministers openly mock Hindus and call them as ‘idolaters’ & ‘cow-piss drinkers’.

Q. Ok. But what about persecuted Muslims of these countries?

A. We thought Pakistan and Bangladesh were created for that purpose only!

Q. Aren’t there any persecuted Muslims in Pak/Ban/Af?

A. If Muslims are still persecuted there, there is no point of existence of Pak/Ban. In that case, instead of opposing CAA, oppose existence of states of Pak/Ban.

Q. Look, majority of Muslims i.e. Sunnis are safe. But minority sects like Shia and Ahmadi are persecuted there. Why not include them in CAA?

A. It is not as simple. Basis of Pakistan was not any Muslim persecution in India. According to Jinnah, “Hindu and Muslim are two separate races. Hindus worship cow. We eat them. There is nothing in common.” Jinnah thought of Muslims as purer and superior race that could no longer live with “Napak/impure” Hindus. According to Jinnah and ALL MUSLIM CLERICS, Non-Muslims are Kafirs and will burn in hell for their disbelief in Islam.

On the basis of religious superiority and hatred, Shia Jinnah created Islamic Pakistan. His close Ahmadi aide Muhammad Zafarullah Khan became foreign minister of Pakistan. (A secular Hindu named Jogendra Nath Mandal also joined Pakistan as law minister but returned to India in 1950 crying)

Question is, have Shias and Ahmadis of Pakistan rejected Pakistan or idea of Islamic supremacy? Have they rejected hate for idolater Hindus? Have they started preaching that even an idolater Hindu, a Hanuman Bhakt Hindu, a polytheist Hindu, a prophet-rejector Hindu, an Ali-rejector Hindu and a Ghulam Ahmad-rejector Hindu too can go to Jannat?

Help me find their literature that accommodates idolater/polytheist Hindus as Jannati (who will go to Islamic heaven). Currently, I can see Quran of Shias having hate for idolater-Kafir Hindus (9/5, 98/6) and works of last prophet of Ahmadi sect – Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani – declaring Hindus as ‘Said ul Qareeb‘ – Nearest prey (for Ahmadi hunters).

Q. Still, India must accommodate ALL as it is secular.

A. Why shouldn’t Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi and Somalia accommodate ALL persecuted Muslims and non-Muslims?

Q. Haha, there you go. Saudi/Pak/Af constitution is not secular, you Sanghi dumbo. Their laws are different. Who are we to decide what they should follow and what they shouldn’t?

A. Hmm. So just because India chose to be secular, it should get punished and sermoned by shameless defenders of these fanatic states? You want your brand of idiotic secularism for India but Islam as state religion in Muslim countries! Why are you not a traitor?

And just like you don’t have issues with Saudis having anti-Non-Muslim laws, you shouldn’t have issues with a law that was passed by elected government of India.

Q. I don’t care what happens in Pak/Saudi. I only care for my secular India. I love my India.

A. Then love India. Respect its laws, stop burning buses and stop crying for Pakistani Muslims. Stop crying for Palestinian Muslims.

Q. What about atheists and jews in Pakistan?

A. Do you love atheists and Jews?

Q. Yes.

A. Will atheists and Jews go to Jannat (Islamic heaven)?


A. Why silent? (silent because as per CAA protestors, Jannat only belongs to a particular Mazhab)


A. Don’t pretend to be saviours of Jews and atheists. All you want is to oppose Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists who want to save their future daughters from abduction, rape and conversion.

In 2017, Pakistan had only 800 Jews out of population of over 200000000. They can apply for Indian citizenship anytime. Many have already moved to Mumbai. Others too can. There was no need for any special provision for them.

Dealing with atheism in Pakistan is tricky for several reasons.

– Atheism is not well defined, very difficult to identify atheists as a group. They can anyway apply for Indian citizenship through regular process

– Declared atheists are most times declared as blasphemers in Pakistan and fanatic countries. They get lynched by rabid mobs or are systematically persecuted by law. The punishment can be as big as death.

Hence in order to help atheists of Pakistan under CAA, the protestors against CAA must work towards stopping Pakistan from punishing atheists under blasphemy. A small question to all Mullahs and Muslims worried about atheists of Pakistan – “what does Islam say about apostate? What should be done to a Muslim who has renounced Islam in a Muslim state? What should be done to a Muslim who rejected Prophet Muhammad as prophet?”

Q. This government wants to do Hindu-Muslim using CAA. If it was indeed about citizenship, many Hindus are also persecuted in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Why not include Hindu/Christians of Sri Lanka also in CAA? Why only Pak, Af and Ban? You clearly want to demonise Muslim countries and Muslims.

A. Few minutes ago you were saying you don’t care about what Muslim countries do. Now you seem worried when CAA exposes persecution of three Muslim countries towards Non-Muslims. Time to reject hypocrisy.

How many times did you burn buses-trains, attack police and ask law-makers – “why are not Hindus of India given right to marry 4 women like Muslims”? You went too far till Sri Lanka! Are you really burning India in name of protest because you care about Tamil Hindus of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka can never be compared with Pakistan. There are no historical baggage. On contrary, Hindu-Buddhist composite culture of Sri Lanka has celebrated this cultural unison for millennia. A Brahmana Ravana ruled Lanka in Ramayana. When he wronged, Lord Ram liberated Lanka from his clutches and gave throne to the native Dharmic Vibheeshan. This is the relationship we enjoy with Sri Lanka. There have been turbulences during and post LTTE Tamil conflicts. We hope the bloodshed stops and sanity prevails. And it will.

But those comparing Sri Lanka and Pakistan/Af know nothing about Pakistan. They know nothing about Afghanistan. There is a complete historical context of CAA and inclusion of these three countries. For years, liberals and communists fed lies to the people of India vis a vis Islamic invasions, Islamisation of the land of India that once included whole of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh of today.

Creation of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are bloodiest chapters in the Indian history (Hindu-Buddhist to be more accurate). Where we stand today has a long history that dates way back beyond the artificial partition of India in 1947. Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists have been living in Af-Pak for centuries. One day they were asked to leave. Many of them could. Many couldn’t. 14 Aug 1947 – creation of artificial terrorist country called Pakistan – has no relevance in the context of the history of natives that dates thousands of years back. Let’s understand context of CAA in words of Dr B R Ambedkar (Partition) :

“…fact that the areas which the Muslims want to be separated from India (Pak-Ban) have always been a part of India. Historically this is, no doubt, true. This area was a part of India when Chandragupta was the ruler; it continued to be a part of India when Hsuan Tsang, the Chinese pilgrim, visited India in the 7th century A. D. In his diary, Hsuan Tsang has recorded that India was divided into five divisions or to use his language, there were ‘five Indies’ : (1) Northern India, (2) Western India, (3) Central India, (4) Eastern India and (5) Southern India and that these five divisions contained 80 kingdoms.

According to Hsuan Tsang, Northern India comprised the Punjab proper, including Kashmir and the adjoining hill States with the whole of Eastern Afghanistan beyond the Indus, and the present Cis-Satlaj States to the west of the Sarasvati river. Thus, in Northern India there were included the districts of Kabul, Jallalabad (both in today’s Afghanistan), Peshawar, Ghazni (Af) and Bannu, which were all subject to the ruler of Kapisa, who was a Hindu Kshatriya and whose capital was most probably at Charikar, 27 miles from Kabul. In the Punjab proper, the hilly districts Taxila, Singhapura, Urasa, Punch and Rajaori, were subject to the Raja of Kashmir; while the whole of the plains, including Multan and Shorkot, were dependent on the ruler of Taki or Sangala, near Lahore. Such was the extent of the northern boundary of India at the time when Hsuan Tsang came on his pilgrimage.

It is true that when Hsuan Tsang came, not only the Punjab but what is now Afghanistan was part of India and further, the people of the Punjab and Afghanistan were either Vedic or Buddhist by religion. But what has happened since Hsuan Tsang left India?”

Read more from Baba Saheb Ambedkar how

– native Hindu-Buddhists of Af-Pak region were massacred

– their women were raped, abducted, enslaved and sold in Arab/Central Asian markets

– their faith was attacked, thousands of temples were demolished and converted to mosques

– their faith was changed to Islam by sword, Jaziya tax and humiliation

– their education centres were burned down

and more..

Historically, the Af-Pak-India region has been the natural home of Hindu-Buddhists (and all belief systems that originated in India). Seize of their land by continuous invasions shrank their numbers and boundaries.

Afghanistan was conquered. Ethnic cleansing of complete Hindu-Buddhist population happened.

Pakistan was created. Ethnic cleansing of 5-7 Million Hindu-Sikh-Buddhists happened.

Bangladesh was created. Ethnic cleansing of Hindus happened (around 3 Million Hindus killed and raped by Pakistan in 1971).

Af-Pak-Ban separated to accommodate Muslims. What should India do to millions trapped in fanatic lands? Rectify past mistakes (of allowing invaders to grow in such numbers that they could wipe us out entirely, of accepting terror state Pakistan) or appease Hindu-haters in India who would burn buses and kill policemen if any relief to raped Hindu-Sikh girls in Pakistan is given in India?

Q. Sabka khoon shaamil hai yahan ki mitti me (all gave blood for India’s independence). Muslims were at forefront of freedom struggle.

A. How is it related to CAA?

Anyway, time to bust myths. Jinnah’s Muslim League fought 1946 Indian provincial elections on issue of Pakistan. Here are the results. Except for NWFP (now in Pakistan), Muslim League won more than 90% Muslim seats across India. It means that Indian Muslims had decisively voted for Pakistan in 1946. History tells that most who voted for Pakistan never went to Pakistan.

I see many anti-CAA protesters say – “Our forefathers rejected Pakistan!”. But facts are naked in front of all. Here is Sardar Patel – greatest Indian leader post Independence – asking some questions to Indian Muslims. Owaisi, Arfa, Javed Akhtar etc and anti-CAA mobs must introspect.

Sardar Patel, Kolkata 1948, asks Indian Muslims – “Majority of you voted for Pakistan. And 2-4 Crore of you are still here. You say we doubt your patriotism. Ask yourself. Why?”

Q. CAA is prelude to NRC. NRC is ploy to throw Muslims out of India.

A. How?

Q. Many of us don’t have documents. So just coz we don’t have proper documents, will you throw us out? Hindustan kisi ke baap ka nahi hai.

A. Why on earth would one not have documents? You try it on US soil. You will be in jail. And if this is a norm, why is it a ploy to throw Muslims out? If this is a common practice (which I doubt for urban areas where most violence is taking place), Hindus, Sikhs, atheists all will be impacted alike. Why do you think NRC is anti-Muslim? Are you suggesting that Muslims alone have habit of living without papers?

Q. With CAA, government has given security to Non-Muslims. So even if they don’t have documents, they will be accommodated. But Indian Muslims without documents will be thrown out.

A. Any Non-Muslim is asked to produce Af-Pak-Ban passport under CAA. If one fails to produce any document, they will be in jail. Any Af-Pak-Ban Muslim anyway doesn’t need CAA as discussed above. How does CAA give security to Non-Muslims without documents then? And how is NRC against Indian Muslims?

In short, an Indian Hindu or a Sikh or a Parsi or a Buddhist or a Muslim will be asked to show the Indian documents. If one fails, will face SAME consequences. Persecuted Af-Pak-Ban Hindu/ Sikh/ Buddhist/ Parsi/ Christian will be asked to show Af/Pak/Ban documents. If one fails, will face consequences. What is there against Indian Muslims?

Q. We don’t have documents. Our documents burned in 2002 Gujarat riots.

A. And our patience has been burned in past and present invasions, rape, massacre and conversion of Crores. We don’t have patience for illegal occupants anymore. Show documents or leave.

We do not live in ideal times. Those who created Pakistan should at least be ashamed of what their ancestors did. You need to apologise to Lakhs of Non-Muslim daughters that are crying in Jihadis’ confinements in Pakistan. Supporting CAA-NRC would be first step towards confidence building among communities.

28 of my family members were massacred in Gujranwala because ancestors of majority of people protesting against CAA today voted and cheered for Pakistan in 1946. Can you – the protestors – give me back my family, my Haveli, my ancestral land? Can you undo Pakistan? Do I see enough hate & protests by you against Pakistan/Islamic countries for persecution of Hindus? No? It’s not in your hands? Hmm.. Then CAA too is not in your hands. Those who had to bring it have done it. Take it with grace and peace with which you created/accepted Pakistan.

Blood of my family and Lakhs others is on many hands shamelessly opposing CAA in India today. Stop playing victim when you are the aggressor. Real victims are those whose heads rolled down the Gujranwala well. Real victims are those Rinkle Kumaris who are abducted, raped and converted to Islam to never return home. Anyone who opposes protection to our daughters from Jihad is enemy of humanity. Let there be no confusion.

Go ahead India. CAA-NRC is first step towards de-radicalisation of this land of Rishis. We have long way to go.

About Author – Dr Vashi Sharma, studied at IITB, taught at IITK, Energy Science, Defence, Religions, Pakistan.

Twitter – @VashiMant

FB – http://facebook.com/vashi.mant

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  1. the fact that you had to use a state as an example and it references if other islamist countries to counter CAA favoring only non Muslims speaks volumes. Also, all minorities persecuted are protected, non Hindus via this law, facing religious persecution, so to say are fast tracked. All persecutions are bad. The thread of India is secular, i.e. amongst other things, state and religion are separate; therefore the law is flawed. The horrid storiess of partition are there in everybody’s mind, and all people were already given protection. not fast tracked not yes protection.

    Also your introduction did not care to the extremist Hindus, who may or may not be following your ideology.

    Documents aren’t defined: your passport, aadhaar, etc. peer Amit shah’s speech aren’t valid documents. Census did your identity checking; wondered how the voters list is generated?

    Even though some points made sense, people have legitimate concern.

    Also to point out, any law passed flooring the constitutional process can be unconstitutional. all laws declared unconstitutional by the supreme Court are passed by constitutional process! so that won’t be an argument too.

    Hinduism doesn’t teach us this; nor do we need to stress that this law is catering and protecting what we let undone, there are standard operating procedure of 2011 under the CAA. you may see that in the joint committee discussion on CAA too.

    Don’t dismiss the concerns, hop on the ministry of home affairs website and answer the legit questions posed by people.

    anyhow the matter of sub judice before the court.

    1. My dear Sister Kritika,
      ON this :”Hinduism doesn’t teach us this; nor do we need to stress that this law is catering and protecting what we let undone, there are standard operating procedure of 2011 under the CAA. you may see that in the joint committee discussion on CAA too.”

      Vashi has clearly mentioned that minorities are coming to an extinction state in Pak, Bangla an Afganistan ! Do you understand the horrific situation of your brothers, sisters and elders there? Do you feel their pain? Please read : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Bangladesh
      Your eyes will open. Think why India could not develop in last 70 years which problems prevailed to hinder that?
      Do not worry about Indian muslims, they are growing in number since independence. Soon, your neighbourhood will be full of them and then your future generations will realize what mistake you did.
      It is not about hating people (they are out of us only just converted to believe in some fancy and non-scientific faith), but it is the hate against their very fundamental book they follow. Do read that. Meet a Kashmiri Pandit, See the survivors of Mumbai attacks. Do not fall prey to anyone, follow your Culture, traditions and do read your Shastra i.e. Geeta.
      Jai Bharat

      1. The people say that india is a secular country and must protect all people irrespective of faith , but if the minorities in pakistan are getting converted, made slaves on the daily basis then saving those minorities are our priority. At least give them a chance to live with basic dignity and freedom that they deserve and secondly when india was divided into pakistan, we have considered all muslim’s irrespective of sect like ahmadiyas, shia , sunni etc. So that is the reason there is an inclusion of non- muslim in the CAA.

    2. The other islamist countries don’t provide citizenship to non muslim leaving some exceptions most islamist countries have legislation like that.yeah india is secular but our government have always interfered in religious aspect by making minority affairs ministry.by taking funds from temples or other things here govt need to seperate people who are coming to india on the basis that some are coming to india because they are prosecuted so if citizenship has to be provided they should be given preferences because other wanting citizenship may not be coming to on problem of prosecution like adnan sami.now you could say why not rohingya so simple answer is this rohingya problem is not part of partition.first we need concerntrate on this problem and legislation is passed solve this problem there are other refugee issues which needs to be solved but this legislation is concerned with this problem. And iam also baffled to see the problem with hindu girls don’t you know the situation of hindus especially girls in pakistan. i know there are extremist hindus in india but so are extremist muslim even more so muslim. how many times you heard that a hindu has killed muslim in Pakistan due to religious reason leave religious for simple reason. And the kind of reponse given by media has aggrevated the problem see jammat action during corona virus pandemic